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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

Bing Ads

You can also target other customers using other engines.

Bing ads will get you on to search on any of the Microsoft products and onto Yahoo! because they’ve got a search agreement. Including Bing ads in your media plan, it’ll drive incremental revenue. Generally, they have between 6 and 10% of market share.

You’ll probably get a lower cost per conversion, but you won’t get scale. So you’ll get some incremental efficiencies and access to a new market by including Bing in your media plan. So it’s an important consideration to be not so reliant on one particular search engine and broaden out where you can.

Bing also has shopping campaigns. In fact, because Google has set the standard for what search is, Bing has pretty much copied all of that so everything you’ve done on Google you can do on Bing. The only consideration is it’s a non-Google product so it won’t directly integrate with Google Analytics. You can use the automated UTM tracking builder within Bing. You just tick a box and Bing will do the Google readable tracking for you, or you can use what’s called URL Builder to do that.

Yahoo! Gemini

Yahoo! Gemini is for mobile traffic on the Yahoo! network and native ads within the Yahoo! network.

Bing ads serves PPC ads on both Yahoo! and Bing. But it doesn’t work as well on mobile on Yahoo!, so you use Yahoo! Gemini. It’s quite small scale unless you’re operating within the United States, because that’s the market where Yahoo! is still a significant market scale and the market is big enough to warrant diving into Yahoo! Gemini or the United Kingdom or something like that.

You really need to focus in on big markets because within any kind of smaller markets, you’ll have a lot of time investments into driving the Yahoo! Gemini campaign, whereas you may not get the return for that investment simply because the markets so small and their market share within a small market is even smaller. So Bing is a much more effective way of getting yourself onto Yahoo! and Bing because it pushes out both. But if you want mobile-specific stuff on Yahoo!, you have to use Gemini.

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Cathal Melinn

Cathal Melinn is a digital strategist, lecturer, and trainer. He has over 15 years’ experience in eCommerce, social media, affiliate marketing, data analytics, and all things digital. He worked at Yahoo! Search in 2005 as a Senior Search Strategist for the UK Financial Services vertical. He moved to the world of agency in 2010 as Head of Search and Online Media. Cathal’s previous clients include Apple, Vodafone, Expedia, Virgin, Universal Music Group, Amazon, Compare the Market, and HSBC.

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