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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

What is it?

What is inbound email marketing? As we first defined, email marketing is a commercial channel used to deliver advertisements, offers, education and other marketing content directly to an interested user's email inbox. It is a channel popularly used in inbound marketing which places marketing material where it will be found by users looking for information on a relevant topic.

Using email within inbound marketing is essentially inbound email marketing. It is permission based and focuses on creating quality content, pulling people towards your company and product. By creating quality content that your customer is interested in you will naturally attract inbound traffic.

What is it valuable?

So why is inbound email marketing valuable? Here are some points that would support the case that email should be used for inbound marketing campaigns.

  • Targets specific buyers: It targets specific buyers through customer relationship management. Rather than an outbound method of fire and forget, such an email blast.
  • Easier to personalize: It is easier to personalize once you have a specific audience targeted. You can personalize each email by sending based on time zone or location or historical viewing habits, their mobile device and so on.
  • Low cost and high return: It is a low-cost, high-return channel for businesses of all shapes and sizes. To this day because email is so cost efficient, it is a preferred option for almost every business when conducting acquisition and retention campaigns.
  • Generates high ROI: The ROI is based on competing for the most qualified of targeted users.
  • Cheap in terms of CPL and CPA: Email marketing isn't a pay to play space so this why it results in a much cheaper cost per lead and cost per acquisition. It is a very efficient channel.
  • Fast, effective, and measurable results: With email you can get fast, effective, and measurable data that helps you to monitor your campaigns' statistics in real time and watch how your customers respond.
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Digital Marketing Resources:

Andrea Francis

Inbound marketing manager @ Poppulo

  • Inbound marketing manager in employee communications technology 
  • Worked at Relayr as a senior marketing manager, creating and implementing a global inbound marketing strategy
  • Worked with Hubspot as a marketing manager and funnel optimization specialist focusing on converting leads to qualified leads for the EMEA region
  • Content marketing and blogging with various SaaS startups at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam

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Email Marketing
Andrea Francis
Skills Expert

This module begins with the fundamentals of email marketing and how the concepts of segmentation, personalization, timing, engagement, and the legislation and regulations surrounding data protection underpin an effective email marketing strategy. The module introduces key email marketing tools and techniques and explores subscriber list and email design best practices. It covers how to create, test, and optimize an email campaign that maximizes email open and click rates and provides an overview of the value provided by marketing automation tools.