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Video Campaign Reporting

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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

Predefined column sets

Similarly, with video campaigns, you can analyze your performance with pre-defined columns. Click Modify Columns in the columns drop-down menu. Your views report columns will help you monitor your video views. Audience metrics will help you track the growth of your YouTube audience. Your branding metrics will show you how well your video ads are building your brand awareness.

Conversions will help you analyze your click and conversion data. And reach metrics will help you understand how many people are seeing your ads.

Google Ads metrics

You can also modify your columns within the AdWords interface for more specific metrics and detailed reports.

There are a number of added metrics against which you can review your video campaigns.

  • Earned views are the number of organic views accrued by your video campaigns.
  • Earned subscribers are how many subscribers you've gained to your channel.
  • Earned shares are how many times someone has shared your video content.
  • Earned likes are the number of organic Likes your campaigns have driven for you.
  • View percentage shows you what percentage of the video your users were watching.

Good Ads reports

Each targeting method will display performance metrics within the interface, as you navigate between them.

Use the video targeting report to analyze the performance of specific targeting methods against your KPIs. The Ads tab will allow you to see how your individual video ads are performing and compare your ad formats. In your Settings tab you can review reports on device location and language performance for your video campaigns.

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Lisa Dunn

PPC Account Manager @ OMD Ireland

  • 6+ years’ experience digital marketing 
  • Expertise in PPC advertising
  • Experience in content strategy development, paid social, and display advertising
  • Work day-to-day across paid search, video advertising, and Google Shopping
  • Clients include telecoms and utilties, local Irish brands, large online retailers, and government agencies

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    Display and Video Advertising
    Lisa Dunn
    Skills Expert

    This module begins with the fundamentals of Display and Video advertising and demonstrates how to set up and manage a YouTube channel. It covers the ad formats available on the Google Display Network and YouTube and shows how to set up and manage Display and Video campaigns. It also explains how to apply audience and contextual targeting, exclusions, remarketing, and bid adjustments to target Display and Video ads at the right audience. The module concludes by identifying the key metrics and tools to use to analyze and optimize the effectiveness of Display and Video campaigns.