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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

CX management

Customer experience is something every organization manages, whether intentionally or not. There are no hard and fast rules about what you must do. It’s about understanding several interconnected processes that combine to deliver an experience. This may or may not match with the customer expectations.

Organizations that create exceptional customer experiences know that managing experience is an ongoing process and more a mindset for the entire organization than just the responsibility of a couple of employees.

Three main entities

There are several advantages of online, for buyers:

  • It's accessible anytime, especially when you think of web and social.
  • It's accessible anywhere, in particular with mobile devices.
  • Online interaction is also faster than traditional ways of transacting.
  • Records and receipts are available.

There are several competing elements to consider for an organization when you’re looking at the overall customer experience:

  • The organization: What your organization’s business priorities are – for example, increased revenue, margin, or conversion
  • Your brand: How the business stands out from the crowd, including what it is famous for and how it does things differently
  • The customer: How you satisfy their needs, how you meet their goals with minimum friction and meet their emotional needs.

It can sound like a simple tick-box exercise to satisfy each of these three items, but you’ll quickly discover they can be in tension with each other. For example, what your customer demands does not necessarily align with your commercial ambitions. And at times, these can be polarized.

The job of customer experience management is to find the sweet spot for all three.

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Jonathan Lovatt-Young

Jonathan has over 20 years' experience in the areas of digital design, brand strategy and user experience. He has held senior roles within a number of high-profile agencies and consultancies including Tribal DDB, Accenture Digital and DigitasLBi, working with a range of major clients. 

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    Jonathan Lovatt-Young
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    This short course covers the principles of customer experience, or CX, and demonstrates techniques and useful tools that you can use to manage CX for an organization.

    You will learn how to:

    • Understand the basic concepts of CX
    • Understand the steps involved in assessing the current CX
    • Understand the best practice processes to design what the CX should be
    • Understand the best practice methods for delivering the planned CX
    • Understand how an iterative approach to customer experience design can improve organizations’ overall performance

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