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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

Using research

So, before you set out to create your content topics, it's important to conduct research to make sure that the content that you're creating is right for your audience. We're going to look at three key areas of research that you should conduct before creating your content topics.

Keyword establishment

The first of which is keyword establishment. Looking to see how users are currently finding your website, looking to see what language that you're currently using on your website for consistency, and also trying to identify maybe what audiences are searching for when they're looking for your competitors.

Tools like Google Analytics and Ad Words Planner will help benefit you in this area of research.

Search trends

The second piece is looking around search trends. Again, we turn to reliable Google. Search trends is a great tool that allows you to identify the peaks and the troughs over the course of the year aligned to certain phrases or certain keywords, where you can determine the appetite or the interest set, month by month, even day by day.

This is a great tool to assess what kinds of content you should be creating at what moment in time.

Audience insights

And lastly, don't discount your own audience. Reach out to your audience, survey them, and find out what information you can glean from them directly. Previously, we touched on inbound customer service channels.

Generate content topics

Again, look towards these recurring themes and where you may be able to pull out FAQs for the creation of content and the assistance in your content topic creation. There's a wide variety of methods that you can use in terms of inspiring your content topics.

  • Activities: These include brainstorming, again looking at social listening, and the community engagement piece about reaching out to your own audiences and finding out what content they actually would like from you.
  • Tools: We're going to take a look at the likes of Pinterest and StumbleUpon, in addition to RSS feeds, a little bit later in this presentation, to show you topics and ways in which you might curate content.

Case study: Bodyform

Take a look at this great case study from female health brand Bodyform.

Video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bpy75q2DDow

Bodyform used a combination of social listening and community management to identify a great opportunity to create some fantastic content.

They created a tongue-in-cheek style video that you've just watched that allow them to convey their USP around their brand personality.

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    This module begins by introducing the fundamental principles of content marketing to enable you to align content effectively with the Buyer’s Journey. It explores the knowledge and skills required to plan and execute a content marketing strategy in a persona-oriented, data-driven way. It also covers content creation, content curation, and how to extend the value of content using scheduling tools and promotion methods. The module concludes by examining the key metrics and tools for measuring the performance of a content marketing strategy.