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Content Repurposing

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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

What is it?

Content repurposing is the method of reusing content in various different formats that make it still fit for purpose but don't tire out the audience by repeating the same thing. The benefits of this include being efficient in resource, helping drive consistency of a general theme or message, extending the lifespan of the content, looking to reach new audiences with different content formats across different channels, and helping to drive your SEO.

Repurposing methods

How could you repurpose a blog post?

  • It could easily be repurposed as an infographic, calling out the key data and stats and tying them visually.
  • These may be then translated into a motion infographic where we actually make the stats come to life using simple animations.
  • We may take the topics and themes discussed in the blog post and have a podcast and a discussion about it.
  • And then similarly there may be some further research that can help develop this blog into a whitepaper that drives thought leadership and credibility in the space.

Example: Moz Whiteboard Fridays

Here's one of my favorite content repurposing examples, the Moz Whiteboard Fridays.

These are pretty famous in the content marketing space. Every Friday, the team at Moz create a really cool giant whiteboard video showing digital marketing tips.

These tricks are drawn out by Ron Fishkin, generally, who then translates them into a lovely blog post thereafter. This offers additional context with video transcriptions. So what we see is a three-pronged approach to the same topic, the same piece of content, but repurposed in completely different ways that offer additional SEO benefit for the brand and help drive that thought leadership, credibility, and expertise in the area.

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Seán Earley

Creative Director at Teneo PSG Digital

  • Creative Director at Teneo PSG Digital with five years’ experience in Digital Marketing, Social, and PR Agencies
  • Founding member of Teneo PSG Digital
  • Former Director on the Board of the Irish Internet Association
  • Passionate about creating content that captures audience imaginations and delivers business objectives

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    This module begins by introducing the fundamental principles of content marketing to enable you to align content effectively with the Buyer’s Journey. It explores the knowledge and skills required to plan and execute a content marketing strategy in a persona-oriented, data-driven way. It also covers content creation, content curation, and how to extend the value of content using scheduling tools and promotion methods. The module concludes by examining the key metrics and tools for measuring the performance of a content marketing strategy.