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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

Benefits of measuring content performance

When you measure the success of your content marketing efforts, you can see the value of your work in terms of how it achieved the key performance indicators, or KPIs, you set for the activity.

Measuring the performance of your content is an essential part of content marketing. It can help you to:

  • Justify spend and resource allocation.
  • Provide learnings for future campaigns.
  • Unearth unexpected insights.
  • Create a valuable roadmap on how to produce a content strategy.
  • Clarify topics and themes that resonate with an audience.

Your learnings from the measurement phase of your current campaigns should always be fed back into the research and planning phase of future campaigns to help drive and inform strategy decisions.

If you have stated your objectives and KPIs in your strategy document, you can refer to this document when measuring your campaign success to determine how well you are achieving what you set out to achieve.

If there are areas that are overperforming or underperforming, you can investigate why this is happening by referring to the appropriate documents from your strategy. For example, what personas are most engaged? What channels are driving most action? What formats from your content schedule are particularly effective?

Using the written record from your plan to identify success while ‘in-campaign’ – in other words, when the campaign is live – allows you to quickly adapt your plan to the reality of the campaign performance.

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Will Francis

Will Francis is a digital marketing consultant, trainer, and speaker. Will ran a successful ad agency in London for eight years, and was Editor of social network MySpace in the 00s. He educates and consults for senior marketers at the world’s leading brands. His previous clients include Samsung, Spotify, Marriott Hotels, Warner Music, Penguin Books, and Net a Porter. Will regularly appears on radio and TV to share his expertise, and presents the DMI’s ‘Ahead of the Game’ podcast.


Content Marketing
Will Francis
Skills Expert

This short course covers the principles of content marketing and demonstrates techniques and useful tools that you can use to develop and refine your content marketing strategy.

You will learn how to:

  • Apply best practices for developing and enhancing content throughout a content marketing campaign
  • Create buyer personas for use in content development
  • Develop a content brief
  • Conduct keyword research to inform a content strategy
  • Curate, personalize, and repurpose content
  • Craft a brand story
  • Schedule content development and publication
  • Promote content
  • Measure and analyze content performance

Approximate learning time: 3 hours

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