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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

RSS feeds

Additional content curation tools, specifically around RSS feeds, include Feedly, Feedspot, and Bloglovin'.

My preference is definitely for Feedly. It's a great news aggregator app that is available for both iOS and Android for free and allows content marketers to assemble all of the content that is relevant and interesting for them in one place at one moment in time. We've touched on email alert tools previously. And I would have to say, Google Alerts, for me, is definitely the one that I would recommend.

Email alert tools

Being able to track against keywords, phrases, and publications, having email alerts delivered at a frequency that suits you, and being able to switch on and off this service very easily is a great addition to any content marketer’s curation efforts. We've touched on social listening tools. But certainly, from a content curation perspective, Talkwalker would be a fantastic tool to utilize in your content curation efforts.

Social listening tools

Talkwalker looks at over 187 different languages. So regardless of how people are speaking about you or where people are speaking about potential curation content, you'll be able to find it through Talkwalker.


So best practice in your content curation.


Make sure that the content is verifiably true, that the publisher is of a good standing and has thought leadership within the industry.

Make sure to add your own insight, thoughts, and opinions. Avoid duplicating content just for the sake of it. And also, make sure that you include a variety of sources and that you're not just curating from the same platform repeatedly. Make sure to include proper attribution and a link, and credit where it's due. So important content curation considerations for curating content would be largely around the validity and the veracity of this content.

And when we talk about validity and veracity, really you need to be making sure that the content is absolutely trustworthy. You need to make sure that when you are curating content, that you've read it, that you can stand over the facts, and that it's completely factually correct and accurate before you curate it. Another consideration is around how customizable that content is. Do you have permission to use that content in a curated capacity, or is it only for editorial use, which would limit your usage of it if you were only a journalist or a publisher?  So again, make sure that you're being compliant with the usage of that content.


And lastly, cost. Is there a fee for curating somebody else's content? Do they need payment up front before you're able to engage their content? It may be proprietary and as such, you need to be aware of what the limitations are before you engage in active content curation.

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