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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

An important complement

Community management is often the stage that comes after the content has been published. But it's not to be overlooked in terms of its importance.

It can help you in a number of key ways.

  • Manage customer, product, or service issues: The first is being able to manage customer, product, or service issues with your business, not letting any issues fester, swell out of control, and being able to call any particular issues out before they become a much larger issue for your business, gaining valuable insights and feedback directly from your customers.
  • Gain valuable insight and feedback: Social media and digital marketing and content marketing is one of those rare platforms that allows you direct access to a large database of your customers almost instantaneously. Glean this feedback. Reward them. Look for their insights and their input, because ultimately they're your customers. You can pivot not just your content marketing but your full business and service offering to be more inclusive of customer feedback by using your channels.
  • Turn customers into loyal fans: You can also with community management, turn loyal fans into brand advocates, really energize them, being able to interact with them. Heroing their content and thanking them for getting in touch adds that lovely element of personality that brings your brand to life versus competitors.
  • Network with others: There's huge opportunity to network with like-minded businesses, like-minded individuals and potential affiliates through using community management as well. Being able to link in and tagging affiliate businesses, which we're going to look at a little bit later in this presentation will help you network online through your content marketing efforts.
  • Drive repeat sales: Community management allows you to have ongoing conversations with your social audiences and being able to build that credibility, that trust that the community wants to give you repeat business.


So looking towards all of these key aspects of community management are a very important addition and supplementary to your content marketing efforts.

Here's a great example of some community management as handled by the fashion online retailer, ASOS. In this example, you can see that ASOS are interacting with somebody who has a missing parcel. They've answered their query in a really positive, upbeat and friendly manner that will ensure them repeat business.

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