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Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring

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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

Coaching and mentoring offer many benefits, both to the individual and to the organization as a whole.

First, they improve an individual's personal communication skills. Poor internal communications can cost a company a great deal of money and time. Coaching and mentoring can address this issue and improve personal communication skills. Increased productivity is an added benefit, along with a reduction in internal and external conflict.

Second, they help organizations identify high-potential individuals. Through the coaching process, high-potential individuals can be identified for inclusion in future mentoring programs.

Also, coaching and mentoring help identify skills gaps. Skills shortfalls within the organization can also be identified initially through coaching and then mentoring.

Fourth, they improve the overall culture of a company. A program of coaching in the short-term can be combined with mentoring in the long-term. This can improve the overall culture of a company and demonstrate a clear path to career advancement.

Coaching and mentoring also create and deepen personal connections. A unique connection is created between the coach and coachee, or the mentor and mentee within the organization. Personal connections are deepened, feedback is constant, and employee engagement is improved.

Another benefit is that they help to increase profitability. Research by Gallup Workplace shows that engaged individuals will deliver 21% higher profitability. A program of coaching and mentoring for employees then becomes a value-added exercise to increase your organization’s profitability. A reduction in absenteeism by up to 41% can be linked to employee engagement and improved productivity.

Mentoring and coaching help to improve working relationships. Interpersonal and inter-departmental relationships are improved with coaching and mentoring across the entire organization. These channels improve working relationships and speed up accurate reporting and recognition feedback.

And they help to retain employees. There is an expectation in the workforce of most organizations that everyone should be able to access corporate coaching and mentoring. This in turn leads to employee retention and the likelihood of personal investment within the company.

Finally, coaching and mentoring help to attract potential job candidates. With a formal coaching and mentoring program, your organization is better able to attract potential job candidates.

In short, mentoring works!  Some famous people have benefited and continue to benefit from the mentoring process. Christian Dior mentored Yves St. Laurent. Dolly Parton mentored Miley Cyrus. Jay Z mentored Rihanna. Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg. And Warren Buffett mentored Bill Gates.

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Bill Phillips and Kevin J Reid

Bill Phillips is an International Facilitator, Trainer, and Team Coach.

  • Has successfully coached CEOs, board members, directors, executive teams, and team leaders in public and private companies, NGOs, and UN organizations in 15 countries across four continents
  • Is the creator of Future-basing®, a highly potent process for building strategy, vision, and cooperation
  • Inspires people to build excellent interpersonal relationships and achieve their goals

In this module, Bill is the instructor for the ‘Leading With Emotional Intelligence’, 'How to Delegate to Your Team', and 'Providing Effective Feedback' lessons.


Kevin Reid is CEO of Personal Skills Training, Senior Coach at Kevin J Reid Coaching, Co-founder and Communications Director of The Counsel.ie, and Lead Collaborator of LeitrimMade.com.

  • A consummate and skillful international communications trainer, facilitator, and coach
  • Has over 15 years of learning development experience with individuals, teams, and entire organizations
  • Has facilitated communications workshops and training across numerous sectors in Ireland, the UK, Europe, America, and Africa

In this module, Kevin is the instructor for the ‘Coaching and Mentoring’ lesson.

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    Building Effective Teams
    Bill Phillips and Kevin J Reid
    Skills Expert

    As a leader, you will only be as successful as the people who work with you. So it makes sense to build the best, most effective teams possible, and get the most out of your daily interactions with colleagues.  

    This module will introduce you to the concept of emotional intelligence – a skill that should be in every leader’s toolkit. Emotional intelligence can help you enhance your working relationships at all levels, and you should aim to practice it every day in the workplace.

    You will also learn about coaching and mentoring – and how these two activities can bring out the best in your employees.

    In addition, you will learn about delegation. How can you delegate successfully? What tasks should you delegate? And how can you ensure you get the best results? The lesson on delegation provides you with the answers.

    Finally, the module also looks at feedback, and explains why leaders should never be afraid to provide it – even when the feedback is negative.