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May 16, 2019

White Paper: Guidelines on Data Privacy for Digital Marketers

by Digital Marketing Institute

This white paper provides deep guidance on data privacy for the digital marketing profession, particularly in light of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Implemented in May 2018, the GDPR is still quite new, and it brings with it a changing landscape for digital marketers. Though it is an EU law, its reach stretches across the globe, and it has introduced a new paradigm in personal data protection. 

Watch our webinar from May 21 to learn about how the first year of GDPR has gone and what the future holds.

In light of these developments, it is more crucial than ever for marketers to respect and adhere to data privacy laws, taking the legal rights of customers and prospects strongly into consideration.

However, this can all be managed and fulfilled while continuing to maximize digital marketing, branding and sales efforts. Essentially, building trust between marketers and consumers is central to data privacy principles, and the GDPR in particular. 

In addition to comprehensive information and guidelines on the legalities of this area, the white paper provides practical assistance and context for marketers, and also looks at developments coming down the line. 

The white paper has been edited by Ardi Kolah and Steve Wilkinson, who bring leading industry expertise on this subject.

Ardi is Editor-in-Chief of the 'Journal of Data Protection & Privacy', a member of the Digital Marketing Institute's Global Industry Advisory Council, and has a deep knowledge of data privacy. Steve is DPO EMEA and APAC for Thomson Reuters and an Associate of the GDPR Programme at Henley Business School. He has over 20 years’ industry experience and has applied a risk-based approach to data security systems coupled with a deep data privacy knowledge. 

To quote from the white paper itself on the impact of the GDPR:
"The GDPR places a higher global standard on data protection, privacy and security for the digital age. In essence, there’s now a higher degree of transparency and accountability required by brand owners in respect to the way in which they process personal data..."  

All digital marketers should be knowledgeable in this area, both to meet their legal requirements, and to build stronger, deeper, trust-based relationships with customers. This white paper provides ideal reading to develop that knowledge, and makes for very useful reference material. 

Just download the PDF white paper document below to get started.

White Paper - Guidelines on Data Privacy for Digital Marketers

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