Apr 02, 2021

The DMI Guide to Social Media Crises

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byJulie Atherton

Posted on Apr 02, 2021

A social media crisis is a frightening prospect, so much so, that many organizations avoid thinking about it, have no (or very rough) plans in place, and only learn how to deal with one when they actually face a problem. This e-book helps you see that a crisis, although difficult, need not be terrifying. With preparation, careful planning, and a can-do team spirit you will be more than able to spot, evade, manage, survive, and learn from any crisis you may face. Furthermore, by ensuring you prepare for a crisis you may be able to avert one and not have to deal with it at all.

This ebook covers five core areas of crisis management:

  1. What is a Social Media Crisis? 6 ways to spot you are in one. 
  2. Evading a Crisis: How to use social media listening, and identify what kind of crisis you have. 
  3. Managing a Crisis: 10 essential elements of a crisis management plan.
  4. Surviving a Crisis: Top tips for your team to survive it.
  5. Learning from a Crisis: How to use the Experience-Learn-Improve model.

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Julie Atherton

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