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Philippe Polman

Philippe is a digital engagement specialist with extensive experience helping clients to create and manage deeper, more personal relationships with their target audiences. In previous roles, Philippe has designed and executed international communications programs focused on internal communications, UX, brand management, media engagement (traditional and Digital), investor relations, and corporate positioning. More recently, he has founded his own aviation consultancy business, which combines both his passion and experience for the aerospace industry.

Philippe Polman

Data protection regulations affect almost all aspects of digital marketing. Therefore, DMI has produced a short course on GDPR for all of our students. If you wish to learn more about GDPR, you can do so here:

DMI Short Course: GDPR

The following pieces of content from the Digital Marketing Institute's Membership Library have been chosen to offer additional material that you might find interesting or insightful. While relevant to this module, you will not be assessed on this content.

You can find more information and content like this on the Digital Marketing Institute's Membership Library


Web & Email
Philippe Polman Philippe Polman
Skills Expert

The Web and Email module explains why it's important for businesses to have an online presence by exploring how customers search for solutions to their needs. The most common types of website and web pages are outlined along with the benefits for businesses. On completion of this module you will:

  • Understand the importance of having an online presence
  • Recognize the importance of design and UX to attracting visitors to your website
  • Understand the customer journey and the process of conversion
  • See how email marketing aligns to the customer journey and supports the business 

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