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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

Role of project manager

Project managers play a crucial role in digital marketing. They help to ensure that campaigns:

  • Meet the brief with high quality output
  • Are delivered and deployed on time
  • Are delivered within the agreed budget

A wide range of project management frameworks and methodologies are available. These include PRINCE2, Scrum, Lean, Critical Chain Project Management, and more. Here, however, we’ll take a broad look at the value that project management and project managers bring to marketing campaigns.

What is a project?

Any initiative your team undertakes that has a defined deliverable and delivery date can be classed as a project. And any project can benefit from the efficiency and clarity that project management will bring.

Planning is a key starting point for any project. Unfortunately, project management can easily be overlooked when planning resources for a campaign. Unless it’s already baked into a company’s culture, it can seem unnecessary, especially for smaller projects. And for agencies it can be even harder to justify, as clients don’t like paying for resource that doesn’t seem to be crucial to getting the campaign delivered.

Benefits of project management

The benefits include:

  • Fluid communication between stakeholders, marketers, clients, external suppliers, and so on
  • On-hand status updates on where the project is at any time
  • Resource planning, ahead of when it is needed rather than being called for reactively
  • An accountable, central point of contact to manage the web of interdependencies in a project
  • Client assurance and confidence
  • Predictable deadlines
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Will Francis

Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer, and Speaker

  • Educates and consults for senior marketers at the world’s leading brands
  • Ran a successful digital ad agency in London for eight years
  • Editor of social network MySpace in the 00s
  • Regularly appears at conferences, in press, TV, and radio to share his experience and expertise
  • Previous clients include Samsung, Spotify, Marriott Hotels, Warner Music, Penguin Books, and Net A Porter
Will Francis

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Project Planning
Will Francis Will Francis
Skills Expert

The ability to plan projects and tasks effectively – and to quickly take action when things go wrong – is an essential skill in today’s fast-moving workplace. It can help you to meet your goals, and can result in you exceeding your boss’s expectations and standing out among your peers.

In this module, you will learn about the fundamentals of project management. You will find out what the role of project manager involves – and the benefits that project management can bring to an organization. You will also be introduced to a seven-step framework for managing projects that you can apply as needed in your own company.

You will also be introduced to the principles of agile thinking. Being agile means being flexible and quick to adapt to change. You will learn how agile concepts, such as the ‘test and learn’ approach, can be applied to marketing. And you will discover the benefits that agile thinking can bring, from increased efficiency to a higher return on investment.

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