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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

Brand and brand story

Brand is:

  • Your actions
  • The stories your communities create around your mission
  • Your extraordinary customer service
  • Experiences every single person has with your company
  • The image and style associated with your company
  • How you relate to your customers

Having a strong brand purpose means you’ll stand out in the market with unique, recognizable content. And you’ll connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Brand storytelling is a way of connecting with communities that share your values and your beliefs. It helps to drive emotional engagement. It invites others into your community and embraces them in an authentic way. Don't be afraid to tell a story about your brand. Use your brand story as a key part of your content marketing strategy to increase credibility and demonstrate authenticity to your audience. By communicating engaging narratives to your target audience, you can improve business performance. Brand storytelling can also serve as a valuable tool for crisis management should you ever need to defend your brand.

Did you know that brand stories are up to twenty-two times more memorable than facts and figures? Activity in the human brain increases up to five times higher when listening to a story. When you consider these facts, it’s clear that storytelling a very powerful skill to have to create meaningful, emotional engagement with your audience.

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Will Francis

Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer, and Speaker

  • Educates and consults for senior marketers at the world’s leading brands
  • Ran a successful digital ad agency in London for eight years
  • Editor of social network MySpace in the 00s
  • Regularly appears at conferences, in press, TV, and radio to share his experience and expertise
  • Previous clients include Samsung, Spotify, Marriott Hotels, Warner Music, Penguin Books, and Net A Porter
Will Francis


Content Marketing
Will Francis Will Francis
Skills Expert

This short course covers the principles of content marketing and demonstrates techniques and useful tools that you can use to develop and refine your content marketing strategy.

You will learn how to:

  • Apply best practices for developing and enhancing content throughout a content marketing campaign
  • Create buyer personas for use in content development
  • Develop a content brief
  • Conduct keyword research to inform a content strategy
  • Curate, personalize, and repurpose content
  • Craft a brand story
  • Schedule content development and publication
  • Promote content
  • Measure and analyze content performance

Approximate learning time: 3 hours

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