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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

Benefits of content marketing

Content marketing is defined as any pieces of content that we can use to convince and convert a potential audience into a fully-fledged customer. We’ve determined this based on a number of factors: by your content personas, by the channels that you’re using, and by what your intended business aims are. We’re going to look at various forms of content marketing and how you can apply it to achieve your goals.

In terms of the benefits of content marketing, content marketing:

  • Helps you grow your brand or increase business awareness
  • Helps you recruit new brand advocates
  • Helps to increase your search engine optimization and traffic to your website
  • Enhances understanding of exactly what it is that your business has to offer and its unique sales perspective
  • Helps you generate new business leads and recruit new business interests
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Seán Earley

Creative Director at Teneo PSG Digital

  • Creative Director at Teneo PSG Digital with five years’ experience in Digital Marketing, Social, and PR Agencies
  • Founding member of Teneo PSG Digital
  • Former Director on the Board of the Irish Internet Association
  • Passionate about creating content that captures audience imaginations and delivers business objectives
Seán Earley

Data protection regulations affect almost all aspects of digital marketing. Therefore, DMI has produced a short course on GDPR for all of our students. If you wish to learn more about GDPR, you can do so here:

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If you are interested in learning more about Content Marketing, the DMI has produced a short course on the subject for all of our students. You can access this content here:

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Content Creation
Seán Earley Seán Earley
Skills Expert

This module introduces the concept of engaging with and acquiring customers using the creation and sharing of content. It explains how to choose the right content for your customers – and how to ensure it gets seen by them. It outlines the different content formats available on social media channels and helps you identify which platform best suits your content. It also identifies best practices for scheduling your content, and equips you with the knowledge to devise and execute your own content creation strategy.

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