Oct 25, 2021

How Much Does Tiktok Pay Creators?

TikTok is setting new records in the social media world. Not only has the app seen a rapid rise to amass one billion users, but it has done so in just five years. A meteoric feat when you consider it took nearly nine years for Facebook to do the same.

The driving force behind TikTok’s success is its user-creators. From chefs to photographers, comedians to fitness fanatics, TikTok gives people a unique platform to entertain and inform. Many avid TikTokers go on to become influencers that can make a good living from product endorsements and video views.   

Are you looking to turn your TikTok passion into a career? Let’s find out how people make money on the platform and how much does TikTok pay creators.

What is the TikTok Creator’s Fund?

TikTok launched the Creator Fund to reward their community of creators and allow them to earn money “doing what they love and turn their passion into a livelihood”. To be eligible, creators need to have 10,000 followers and have racked up 100,000 video views in the last 30 days.   

In the U.S., the fund started with $200 million while £231,000 is earmarked for European TikTok creators. Over the next three years, that fund will grow to $2 billion globally.

The funds that creators earn will be based on several factors and vary from day to day depending on the number of videos published. Creators that are awarded the fund will also see earnings fluctuate as performance on TikTok is dynamic, meaning funds will ebb and flow. 

The best thing about the Creator Fund is there’s no cap on earnings or limit on the number of creators that can join. So it’s a level playing field with a lot of money on the table for TikTokers that succeed.

How do you get to be on TikTok Creator’s Fund?

The fund started in the U.S. 2020 and is spreading across the globe. In Europe, current eligible countries include the U.K., Germany, France, Italy and Spain.  

How Much Does Tiktok Pay Creators?

For TikTokers to apply the must meet these criteria:

  • Be located in one of the specified countries
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have a minimum of 10,000 followers
  • Have a minimum of 100,000 video views in the last 30 days
  • Have an account that complies with TikTok’s Community Guidelines and terms of service

If you meet the criteria, go to the pro/creator account on TikTok to apply.

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Is it worth joining TikTok’s Creator’s Fund?

The Creator’s fund is a great opportunity for TikTokers looking to capitalize on their success on the social channel. It offers a way to use the popularity of videos to carve a new and exciting career as a TikTok influencer. But there’s a flipside too.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of joining the fund:


  • Opportunity to make a living out of your passion!
  • Get paid for video views
  • The kudos of being a recipient of the TikTok Creator’s Fund to stand out on TikTok’s Creator Marketplace
  • Endorsements and sponsorship deals on the back of the fund - just think Josh Richards and his deals with Reebok and HouseParty
  • Opportunity to soar to the ranks of TikTok influencer


  • You need to continuously create new content
  • Earnings will fluctuate depending on video performance
  • The pressure of pleasing and maintaining follower count
  • There have been reports of falling views and small revenues since joining the program

Who are the highest-earning TikTok creators?

Many TikTokers have managed to make lucrative careers off the platform. Their unique content draws in millions of followers and as a result, makes them very attractive to brands looking to advertise on TikTok to appeal to a younger demographic. So, who are the biggest earners and how did they get there?

Addison Rae Easterling

How Much Does Tiktok Pay Creators?

Taking the number 1 spot, Addison Rae has nearly 65 million followers and has made $5 million from her videos on TikTok. She started by showing off her dance moves and now has deals with Daniel Wellington and American Eagle along with a makeup line Item Beauty.

Charli & Dixie D’Amelio

How Much Does Tiktok Pay Creators?

Sisters Charli and Dixie have over 130 million followers between them, with estimated annual earnings of nearly $7 million. Originally from Connecticut, they relocated to Los Angeles and created dance and music videos. They have a joint agreement with brands Hollister and Morphe. 

Michael Le

How Much Does Tiktok Pay Creators?

With his distinctive pink hair and dance moves, Michael Le has 50.5 million followers and rakes in an estimated $1.2 million a year. He set up a creator collective with other TikTok influencers and has a deal with Bang energy drinks.

Baby Ariel

How Much Does Tiktok Pay Creators?

Baby Ariel was originally active on Musical.ly (the app that TikTok bought for its music library) with her lip sync videos. She has been named an influential person by both Time magazine and Forbes due to her campaigns for anti-bullying and internet trolling. With over 35 million followers, she can demand $32,000 per TikTok post.    

Tiktok Creators Fund FAQs

We’ve rounded up a few of the most commonly asked questions about the TikTok Creator Fund.

Do you get paid for views on Tiktok?

Yes, you get paid for views on your TikTok content.

How much do you get paid for views on Tiktok?

TikTok is not currently revealing how much they pay for views through the fund, but influencers who have joined the fund revealed their earnings. You get paid 2 to 4 cents for a thousand views on Tiktok. 

How many followers do you need to get verified on Tiktok?

There is no application process to getting verified, and it’s usually reserved for superstar influencers or celebrities. Creator accounts that are verified have at least 10,000 followers, but it is a well-kept secret exactly how TikTok awards verification status.

However, it never hurts to gain more followers and a few simple ways to do this are:

  • Use hashtags effectively
  • Pick your niche and stick to it
  • Post regularly
  • Leverage trends on TikTok
  • Know when to post (days and times)
  • Collaborate with other TikTokers
  • Ask your audience questions to drive engagement
  • Get involved in challenges

Is it easier to make money from Tiktok or YouTube?

YouTube currently pays creators for advertising on their content along with revenue from premium subscribers. This is done through an AdSense account and based on a share of advertising revenue. In contrast, TikTok does not use a share revenue model at the moment and has set up this Creator Fund to enable TikTokers to make money from video views. 

If you want to find out what your TikTok account is worth, check out this TikTok money calculator.

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Clodagh O’Brien
Clodagh O’Brien

Clodagh O'Brien is a content creator and strategist. Over the last 12 years, she has created and managed content for many SMEs and global brands. She's passionate about digital marketing and the impact of technology on culture and society. You can find her on Twitter or LinkedIn.  

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