Nov 8, 2018

How Can I (Easily) Get a Job in Digital Marketing?

by Digital Marketing Institute

With an incredible demand for talent spurred on by a significant digital skills gap, digital marketing skills are much sought after by businesses across industries. But, despite for a growing demand for skills in this area, the digital marketing realm is incredibly competitive - meaning that to land a job as a digital marketer, with ease, you must be proactive, giving yourself the best possible chance of standing out in the crowd.

At present, there are a host of transferable digital marketing skills in hot demand by brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes - and if you’re able to grasp a well-rounded selection of these competencies, you’ll stand an excellent chance of landing yourself a great digital marketing job.

But what else can you do to get an exciting and rewarding digital marketing job with ease?

Let’s explore.

Understand the Industry

To give yourself the best possible chance of landing a digital marketing job, you will need to know the industry inside-out. At this point, it's worth noting that digital marketing is one of the world's most rapidly evolving industries and to keep up to date, reading leading online publications regularly is a must.

Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself

To help yourself become a glistening needle in an otherwise giant digital haystack, you should think of yourself as a personal brand. Doing so will not only help you put your newfound digital marketing knowledge into practice, but you will attract potential employers, showcasing your smarts, talents and proactive nature.

By optimizing your LinkedIn profile - adding testimonials, the most relevant keywords, and examples of your experience to your profile - in addition to writing a bio that showcases your aims, goals, knowledge and value, you will become more competitive and more attractive to companies that are on the hunt for young, ambitious digital marketers. When writing your bio, you should try to define your Golden Circle, as detailed in our digital strategy guide - this will give your copy impact and direction.

Moreover, you should start a blog, producing and publishing posts that showcase your content marketing skills and niche industry knowledge.

Get Practical

In addition to producing content for your personal blog, you should also pitch out to editors of new digital marketing-based publications that are looking for writers: not only will this get your name out there but it will once again serve to showcase your work ethic, desire for success and relevant knowledge base to potential employers.

While blogging or guest blogging are viable ways of helping you land a great digital marketing job, gaining practical experience by offering your services to organizations for free or taking on short internships to gain relevant experience and connections.

Connections are vital to the budding digital marketer and despite internships in the field being often unpaid, it’s likely that you will have such fun learning new skills in an immersive working environment, you won’t have time to think about the lack of compensation. And with your newfound experience, your new digital marketing job will be waiting just around the corner.

Get Qualified

Get Qualified

Professional certification and industry qualifications offer the perfect way of becoming a well-rounded marketer while validating your skillset and giving your career direction early on. By enrolling on an industry-recognized, online-based digital marketing course, you will be able to study at your own pace, gain a host of practical skills and earn a qualification that will make you far more hirable than most of the competition.

There are no secret shortcuts in digital marketing but by being consistent, persistent, following this advice and letting your passion be your guide, landing that first dream digital marketing job will be easier than you think.

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