Mar 22, 2017

Boost Brand Awareness with Instagram Stories - A How to Guide

by Digital Marketing Institute

We're a social bunch.

In fact, there are currently 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide - and Facebook Messenger plus WhatsApp alone handle 60 billion messages a day.

It’s safe to say that for brands and businesses, platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram offer an incredible level of opportunity when it comes to engaging with new customers on social media.

Now, one of the fastest growing social media platforms is Instagram, pulling in a colossal 400 million active users per month. Oh, and it may not be entirely relevant, but according to research, pizza is the most Instagrammed food on the planet.

One of the biggest emerging trends on the platform (apart from all the pizza) is Instagram Stories. This new, very Snapchat-inspired function allows users to upload impromptu photos and videos to their 'Instagram Story' which lasts just 24 hours before disappearing off the social stratosphere altogether - and it's really starting to take off.

These bite-sized stories have the power to boost brand awareness and inspire engagement and if you'd like to add Instagram to your arsenal of social media skills but you're not sure how, these tips will help you get things rolling…

Learn to use Instagram Stories

The best way to take advantage of any platform is to understand how it works, so before you get tactical, here's a step by step tutorial on how to use Instagram Stories...

Give people a glimpse behind the scenes

Social storytelling is a potent and powerful concept. In today's world, people like to interact with brands they deem to be human, so one of the best ways you can engage with new and current fans is by offering them a day in the life glimpse of your operation.

Planning your content is important but sharing spontaneous snippets of information can prove equally successful - and Instagram allows you to do just that.

The University of Arizona, The University of Texas at Dallas, and Coastal Carolina University recently adopted this approach to entice new students and it worked wonders...

Give people a glimpse behind the scenes | Boost Brand Awareness with Instagram Stories - A How to Guide

Host an Instagram Takeover

A lesser known but incredibly effective Instagram tactic, an Instagram Story Takeover has the power to grow your account and reach a whole new audience in a short space of time.

By forming a partnership with an influential blogger or Instagrammer in your niche and letting them take over your account for a 24-hour period, allowing them to craft their own Instagram Story in the process, you'll be able to boost awareness and give your brand a host of new voices.

One brand that's currently reaping the benefits of regular takeovers is Birchbox - and business that allows their users to control their Instagram account on a regular basis...

Host an Instagram Takeover | Boost Brand Awareness with Instagram Stories - A How to Guide

Transform your blog into mini-articles

Fresh, informative, and engaging blog posts are still one of the most important elements of any content strategy - so finding new ways to present your best articles is an excellent boosting your brand's awareness.

You can use Instagram Stories tо рut together short, informational articles on every subject imaginable or create visually stunning story updates to direct users to the original posts, like Shopify have done…

Transform your blog into mini-articles | Boost Brand Awareness with Instagram Stories - A How to Guide

Show your product or service in action

Especially within the realms of social media, people want to see exactly how your product or service can benefit them - so why not use Instagram Stories to show it in action?

Ultimately, your content should make people want to invest in your brand. If you can use Instagram Stories in a way that is both entertaining and genuine, you'll be able to draw more people to your website without the need of a blatant sales message.

One brand that recently used this to their advantage and enjoyed a host of new followers as well as fresh sales is Beyond Yoga, who showed a woman working out in their gear…

Show your product or service in action | Boost Brand Awareness with Instagram Stories - A How to Guide

In the modern age, consumers place their trust in brands they can have a conversation with and social storytelling offers no end of opportunities for businesses to connect with their target audience.

Add these Instagram Stories tactics to your social media strategy, and you'll boost your brand awareness, almost in an instant.

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