Aug 17, 2022

Webinar: SEO Evergreen Tactics (with Neil Patel Brands)

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byMatthew Santos

Posted on Aug 17, 2022

On average, Google makes 9 changes a day to its algorithm. That equates to over 3,285 algorithmic updates per year! How can your site ever keep up with that? Well, don't worry because in this webinar we cover Evergreen Tactics that can withstand the test of time with Google and keep you in positions 1-3 for years to come. 

Matt Santos of Neil Patel Accel joined us for a webinar and in-depth discussion on things every marketer can easily keep in mind when it comes to SEO. He previously brought his clear-headed knowledge to a discussion on SEO and Omnichannel Marketing on the DMI podcast. 

You can also download and view the slide presentation from the webinar.

Some feedback from this webinar:

  • Thank you, Matthew. Generous, insightful sharing loaded with actionable nuggets of information!
  • Keep these sessions coming. We value your content, it fits E-A-T. And thank you very much, SEO is a relevant topic. 
  • Great presentation!  Easy to follow such a complex topic like SEO
  •  Awesome job Matt!  You had my focus the entire time.

Why not check out our webinar on GA4 Essentials, presented by another Neil Patel expert, Chris Coomer.

The webinar is brought to you in collaboration with Neil Patel Brands - partner in our Search Marketing course

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Matthew Santos

Matthew Santos is the Vice President of Products & Strategy at Neil Patel Accel. He initially built the four major product offerings they provide to customers, and continues to oversee three of those: SEO, CRO, and Email Marketing. He has been in the industry for almost 10 years, primarily focused on Earned Media digital tactics.