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Feb 22, 2023

Webinar: Data that Delivers - Insights to Results

Customer insights and market research are crucial to successful marketing. In this webinar with president of KNow Research, Katrina Noelle, we explore passive and active ways of collecting customer data with a focus on when and how to and conduct primary research to better understand your target audiences. She also discusses how to integrate the collected data with other information sources to bring the customer to life and help your team create messages and campaigns to meet them where they are.

Katrina uses a retailer case study as an example throughout and focuses on the outcomes and benefits the brand experienced by including primary research methods in their process.

The full presentation slides can be viewed and downloaded here


  • Very enjoyable and engaging. Great energy from Katrina - thank you 😊
  • The expert was great. Interesing hands on and good to learn from session. Also, she spoke very m uch on the point and pronounced well. 
  • Amazing framework to think about data and data collection. 
  • Thanks for this amazing webinar, learnt a lot from the speaker in terms of how to get management involved and how to view things from other colleagues that might be helpful.
  • Thank you for a great presentation! I'm a numbers geek too!
  • Insightful presentation today by Katrina Noelle, appreciated the bottom up approach to explaining process and outcomes. I also like when you can download the presentation during the presentation and follow along with the speaker.

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Katrina Noelle
Katrina Noelle

Katrina Noelle is president of KNow Research. A full-service insights consultancy, specializing in designing custom qualitative insights projects since 2003, to unlock insights about brands and target audiences. She's also co-founder of Scoot Insights, whose trademarked Scoot Sprint approach helps decision-makers choose the right direction.

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