Jul 11, 2023

Walkthrough: Get Started With ChatGPT Basics

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Posted on Jul 11, 2023

Walkthrough: Get Started With ChatGPT Basics

Are you curious about using ChatGPT but not sure where or how to get started?

This short video, brought to by Joe Williams, will talk you through the basics of signing up and starting to use prompts. ChatGPT is a tool that can be of use to digital marketers in all areas, and it's up to you how you want to make the most of it. 

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Video Transcript

So the first thing I'm going to do is just a hop on to Google, type in ChatGPT, press return. Now I think the first link here is to a blog post so I'm going to click the second link here. We're going to go for sign up and I would normally just log in with my Google account but I just want to show you how to do this from scratch.

I will add in a new email address. Just put in a password, press Continue. Now it's going to ask you to verify your email. So I'll just do that now. Okay, so I've just clicked the link and it takes me to this page. I've verified my email address, I'll just fill in these details. You don't have to put in your organizational details. Okay, so it wants you to verify by your mobile phone as well. So I'm just going to paste that in here, it just gives you a bit of information about a note on credits. So you might want to just read that, but I'll click Continue. And it's asking me, because we've signed up now for an open AI account. And there's ChatGPT, which we're talking about, which is kind of text based, and prompt based. DALL-E is more to do with images, and then there's the API as well. So we'll just click on ChatGPT. For now. There's a little bit more information as you log in.

Okay, and this is ChatGPT. So you can see there are some examples here. "Explain quantum computing in simple terms". It talks about its capabilities. So it remembers what users said in an earlier conversation. Now, a conversation is a chat. So if you start a new chat, it won't remember what you said in the previous chat. It's limited to information, I think it's still mid to the end of 2021. It may occasionally produce harmful instructions or bias content. So bear that in mind, don't take what it says as factual, completely. Although I would say more often than not, what it does say is true. And yeah, that's how you get set up with ChatGPT.

Now I'm logged in using my regular ChatGPT account. And you can see there's a plus icon. So it means that I'm a paid user, and I pay around $20 per month, that gives me access to GPT 4, which is the most advanced version. But I started off with the free version. And that's probably where if you're just starting out, I'd probably recommend the free version. And it's more than enough for most people. That uses GPT 3.5. And in fact, the example I'm going to use now we'll stick with the free version. So 3.5.

So let's imagine that I run a fitness blog, and I want to target the keywords. What are the best running shoes? So let's jump into ChatGPT to come up with some blog posts headline ideas.

Okay, so write five blog posts, headlines for the topic, "what are the best running shoes", and you can see there's five there, and they all look pretty good, they all look pretty engaging. And I think number one is sort of jumping out at me at the moment. So "finding the perfect fit a guide to the best running shoes for every runner". Now having done a little bit of keyword research already, I want to include 2023. So let's kind of continue the conversation

So it now says "finding the perfect fit in 2023 A Guide to the best running shoes for every runner". Now, I think I'm gonna go with that one. And the next thing I think I need is a meta description. So that's that that little snippet of text that you sometimes see in Google that describes what the page is about. So I'm gonna write a prompt to come up with a meta description

So I've written write five meta descriptions that are within 156 characters, include "best running shoes", and "2023". And most importantly, is engaging and entices the user to click through. And again, you can see that it's come up with quite a few meta descriptions. Now, I'm not so keen on this kind of like, strong call to actions at the end. I think it's done it in most cases, there's an exclamation mark it says "Get ready to take the leap check them out today". So let's come up with a prompt to kind of get it in a format that I'm more happy with.

Okay, so I've asked to try again, but with a less strong call to action, so these are looking a little bit better now for me. "Discover the best running shoes for 2023: find your perfect fit and elevate your runs and with style and support". "Take your runners to the next level in 2023. Find the best running shoes that combine comfort, performance and style". That seems pretty good. So I think we'll probably use that, I probably won't have it all uppercase for a meta description, I'll break it into two sentences. And I think I would be pretty happy with that. What I'll now do is I'll come up with some email subject lines.

Okay, so (types) "plan to send this to my email list, come up with five email subject lines". And again, you can see it's come up with some headlines, sorry, some subject lines that maybe I would use to send to my email list. But hopefully, what you can see now is that ChatGPT can be useful in a range in a range of different contexts. So it's really useful for lots of digital marketing needs. It could just be useful for finding out general information, you know, for your daily life. And I really want to encourage you to give it a go and see what results you get.

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