Sep 23, 2020

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Influencing Change through Digital Channels: with Drinkaware

by Sheena Horgan

Posted on Sep 23, 2020

“When we talk, we talk in facts. People don't like being dictated to. They like having the facts.” Sheena Horgan, CEO Drinkaware

Drinkaware is an organization with an audacious mission - to have an Ireland where alcohol is not misused.

Sheena Horgan is its CEO, and a marketer with over 20 years of experience. She came in to DMI recently for a fascinating discussion on how the organization is leveraging different digital channels for just that purpose. Measurement is key and they live off data and facts. 

She discusses behavioral change and social marketing - where the aim is not to market a product but a behavior. Drinkaware has seen a huge increase in engagement with the public over the last few years and much of that is down to digital strategy.

(First published September 2019)

Listen to the Audio version:

Download the interview transcript:

Drinkaware Interview 1 Transcript

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Sheena Horgan
Sheena Horgan

Sheena is CEO of Drinkaware, an Irish advocacy group focusing on reducing alcohol misuse.

An independent consultant for over 20 years, Sheena has worked with a broad range of not-for-profit, governmental and commercial organisations in both Ireland and the UK, where she founded the PR agency Eulogy! She has appeared regularly in the media, as a journalist and also advocate for campaigns dealing with sport, children’s issues, and internet literacy and safety.

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