Nov 21, 2018

Exclusive Lecture Videos: Content Creation and Types

by Digital Marketing Institute

Today we are bringing you exclusive lecture videos from the Content Marketing module of the Digital Marketing Institute's Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) course

These two videos take you through content creation and types, which are key aspects of content marketing in practice. Our lecturer Seán Earley explains all the important elements of this in a logical and structured format, aided by useful slides full of information and guidance.  

The first short video explains the idea of content creation for digital marketing purposes, as well as your online community, industry influencers and third-party sources as key stakeholders in this. 

The second video focuses on the various content types and formats in detail - including blogs, eBooks, white papers, videos, podcasts and others - and how they can all be used by content marketers. The importance of visually appealing content is central to this. Seán explains the features, purposes, advantages and limitations of the different content formats, providing tips and guidance on how to use and optimize each of them. 

Simply play the videos below to view the lecture content:

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Join for FREE to access this video.

We hope you found this to be a valuable learning item.

For further details of the entire CDMP course, just click here.

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