Aug 19, 2020

Essential Skills 4: Successful Collaboration

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byKevin Reid

Posted on Aug 19, 2020

Collaboration is one of those terms people understand but don't always know how to put it into practice. 

Watch these videos to learn about the personal skills you can cultivate to collaborate successfully, such as the ability to listen actively and to ‘lead beyond your authority’. You will also discover strategies you can use to improve team collaboration, such as holding regular meetings and sending fewer emails.

1 - Introducing the Practice of Collaboration

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2 - Benefits of Team Collaboration

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3 - Obstacles Preventing Effective Collaboration

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4 - Personal Skills for Successful Collaboration

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5 - Strategies for Improving Team Collaboration

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About The Essential Skills Series

This series includes a number of videos that explore those personal skills that we tend to overlook but which are becoming ever more important in your marketing life. These include communication, creativity, persuasion, project management, collaboration, strategic thinking, and crisis management. An important study was done in 2019 by the Digital Marketing Institute in collaboration with The Economist Group, and the full white paper is available to read on the library. The survey of 500 global marketing executives revealed that the ongoing skills gap in digital marketing includes these key essential skills.  

These videos come from our DMI Expert course

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Kevin Reid

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