Aug 18, 2021

Analytics and the Consumer Journey: with Derek Liddy

by Digital Marketing Institute

Analytics and the Consumer Journey: with Derek Liddy
" One of the reasons I love digital marketing is that left side/right side of the brain thinking. And sometimes you just need to almost step back from the numbers to try and understand what you're actually seeing. "
- Derek Liddy, Aer Lingus

In this interview with Derek Liddy, head of Digital Marketing at Aer Lingus, he chats with Cathal Melinn and gives some real-life industry insights into how (and why) analytics are really utilized.

Subjects they cover included their dynamic ads that use AI and realtime info to create a personalized ad on the fly, load factor, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Voice of the Customer, 

He gives his thoughts on how a good digital marketer needs to be analytical, in what ways and with the right measure.

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Analytics and the Consumer Journey in the Airline sector

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