Jan 04, 2023

Search Marketing Interview Preparation Toolkit

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byEmma Prunty

Posted on Jan 04, 2023

Are you applying for roles as an SEO specialist, PPC marketer or other role within search marketing?

Download this toolkit to help youself prepare for the kinds of questions you might be asked during an interview for a search marketing role.

It is geared towards those applying for positions requiring 0–3 years’ experience in search marketing. Many people who are applying for entry-level search marketing positions may already have substantial experience in digital marketing, within other areas of the industry. Therefore, we recommend that this interview toolkit be used in conjunction with our previous Digital Marketing Interview Preparation Toolkit.

This document includes a list of common search marketing interview questions, guidance notes on how to approach each question, sample responses, and space for you to write your own notes and prepared responses. You can do this by typing your notes into the document, or alternatively just print it off and write up your notes in the appropriate spaces. 

It's the perfect template to get you ready to take on any search marketing interview! 

Just download the guide - in PDF or Word - to get started.

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