Oct 19, 2020

Guide to Content Ideation

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by Dan Hughes

Posted on Oct 19, 2020

There is more content out there than ever before, and quality has to win over quantity.

But conjuring award-winning content ideas on a regular basis is easier said than done! Like all fuels, creative juice does run low sometimes.

To help you on your path to creative success, here's a definitive content ideation guide to help you generate a host of brand-boosting digital marketing concepts, without losing your creative steam.

We will break down the content ideation process with a seven-step guide to success, working from the ground up.

Part One covers: 

  • Sources of Content Inspiration - from your competitors to the wild outdoors
  • Content Ideation Tools - including Google Trends, BuzzSumo, and MindMup

Part Two is a 7-step guide to help you with all the detailed elements needed to create a content piece that will be effective. Using an example it covers: 

  • How to brainstorm and mindmap
  • Research and using tools for content generation
  • SEO considerations, using Google's Keyword Planner

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Dan Hughes

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