Apr 17, 2024

Presentation: How to Use AI for Your Copywriting

AI can still be a mystery to those working with copy and content. Kerry Harrison is a veteran copywriter and AI educator who makes AI accessible, showing practical ways to save time - while keeping your human creativity in the mix! 

In Kerry's webinar, she went into detail on the the main AI writing tools she finds useful, each of which has its strengths depending on your needs: ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini (Bard), and Copilot.

  • How to use AI for research, planning and ideation.
  • How AI can help you write a whole range of copy
  • Understand the key considerations and challenges of using AI tools
  • Use AI to edit your writing, making it more compelling and concise
AI for Copywriting Webinar Slides
Infographic - AI Copy Guide
Infographic Human vs AI

Kerry Harrison
Kerry Harrison

Kerry Harrison is an AI Educator and copywriter, specializing in using artificial intelligence to augment human creativity. Over the last five years, she has co-created the world’s first AI gin, crafted an AI Queen’s speech for Wired Magazine, brought the award-winning Cheltenham Science Festival AI curator to life – and has spoken about AI both nationally and internationally. She has won two DMA Awards for Best Use of AI.

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