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2024 Trends in Digital Marketing

by Will Francis

Posted on Dec 15, 2023

Yes - it's that time. For our most popular podcast of the year!

We've asked 6 of our experts what they're looking out for in 2024 in digital marketing. AI is of course the main focus, but we get to look more closely at it within the realms of social media, paid ads, marketing strategy, careers, and search (SGE).

Just a few other things they suggest we watch include Instagram Threads (now will it really take off?), LinkedIn (now at over 1 billion users), the E in EEAT (Expertise), as well as learning to be sceptical of Google and paying attention to the priorities of young audiences.

The 6 experts our host ⁠⁠Will Francis⁠⁠ chats with are:

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Alison Battisby⁠⁠ of Avocado Social, ⁠⁠Cathal Melinn⁠⁠ of Digital Basics, ⁠⁠Nikki Lam⁠ of ⁠⁠Neil Patel Digital⁠, ⁠Brian Corish⁠ of Elemental AI, ⁠Morgan Cummins⁠ of TalentHub, and our own ⁠Ken Fitzpatrick⁠⁠⁠ of the Digital Marketing Institute.

Stay tuned to the end to get each of their top tips for diving straight into 2024.

Excerpts for this episode were adapted from the DMI webinar on 2024 Trends, which you can ⁠watch back here⁠.


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“AI is not going to take your job. But someone who knows AI will. So the idea is to co-create.” Brian Corish

Will Francis
Will Francis

Will Francis is a recognized authority in digital and social media, who has worked with some of the world’s most loved brands. He is the host and technical producer of the DMI podcast, Ahead of the Game and a lecturer and subject matter expert with the DMI. He appears in the media and at conferences whilst offering his own expert-led digital marketing courses where he shares his experience gained working within a social network, a global ad agency, and more recently his own digital agency.

Connect with him on Twitter (X) or LinkedIn.

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