Apr 22, 2022

Digital Marketing Skills, Industry & Technology for 2022 and Beyond

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byMischa McInerney

Posted on Apr 22, 2022

It has been a tumultuous few years for organizations across industries, and the marketing sector has been forced to pivot to using digital technologies and strategies. 

This shift has accelerated the digital transformation of businesses and created a huge demand for skilled digital marketing professionals. Our recent report with The Economist ‘Perpetual Evolution’ found that 74 percent of senior marketers believe that marketing organizations face a critical talent shortage due to a lack of digital skills.

On the flip side, the pandemic changed the way people work, prompting workers to reassess their jobs and lives. Many chose to resign or change careers in a phenomenon known as ‘The Great Resignation’. 

As the Digital Marketing Institute wants to keep on top of digital marketing trends and developments, we asked our Global Industry Advisory Council (GIAC) to call out the changes they see in 2022 and beyond. 

In this comprehensive eBook, we look at the trends emerging in 3 key areas to highlight what brands and marketers should plan for in the coming years:

  • The marketing industry
  • Digital technologies
  • Digital marketing skills

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Digital Marketing Skills, Industry & Technology for 2022 and Beyond
" When you talk about skill shortages, there is that fine line of how do you catch people up and also educate them when there's a lot changing, and it's coming at you faster "
- Brian Lavery, Manager of Performance X at Google

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Mischa McInerney photo
Mischa McInerney

Mischa McInerney is the Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Marketing Institute. Mischa has over 20 years' experience in various countries, industries, and roles across the world. She is fluent in Japanese and once hosted a cooking show on Japanese television. She was a co-founder of an email marketing company in Australia, before moving back to Ireland to set up her own Marketing Consulting company. She then moved into Ulitities as Digital Marketing Manager of Ireland's largest energy provider, where she won several national and European awards for innovative digital brand campaigns. She then moved to Bank of Ireland, Ireland's largest bank as Director of Digital and CVM. 9 months ago she moved to the Digital Marketing Institute as CMO of the world's largest provider of on-demand certified Digital Marketing Courses.