Apr 08, 2021

The Art of Data Capture and Understanding Our Customer with Ewoudt Cloete

by Digital Marketing Institute

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The Digital Marketing Institute speaks to DMI Member Ewoudt Cloete.

Ewoudt is a DMI POWER Member who is in the midst of making the transition from a 10+years career on the agency side of digital marketing to the corporate world.

In today's showcase, we talk about personal journeys, marketing psychology principles, and the digital marketing landscape in South Africa. We have an interesting chat about the art of data capture and how we can optimize our use of data in an immersive and powerful way to better understand our customer and their behavior.  Moreover, we discuss the importance of finding the balance between the science of data and the emotion/personalization required to finesse your digital strategy.

Ewoudt walks us through some of the stand-out moments in his career and talks to me about the pleasure he gets from leading his team, collaboratively. Leaders need to create opportunities for their teams to share ideas, and in doing so provide opportunities for team members to grow, upskill, and even making mistakes. Ewoudt also gives some great advice to those that would categorize themselves as 'perfectionists', advising that for these personality types to be consistently successful it's all about establishing a few parameters.

Ewoudt talks to us about carving out a successful career, about standing up for your own agenda, and about being brave - taking on new opportunities for developing your personal brand and getting exposure.

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