Nov 13, 2019

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Improving your Organic Search Presence (with Joe Williams)

by Joe Williams

Posted on Nov 13, 2019

“It’s having two mindsets: one is purely on numbers and data, the other is what’s really useful and helpful. And I think if you can kind of combine the two together then that’s a good place to be.” Joe Williams

SEO is the art of making your content and website more visible, rankable and crawlable to search engines and it's often seen as something very difficult and hard to achieve. 

In this interview (the second of three) Cathal Melinn challenges Joe Williams to demystify SEO for us all. If you think you need the help of an agency or expert you should watch this first as it's a lot more straightforward than you think and being armed with the right knowledge will get you a long way.

The way Google is evolving, it’s more about your industry knowledge than anything an 'expert' can necessarily help you with. Easier to see now why Google has considered its top competitor to be Amazon, especially with voice search coming more and more into play.

The three principles of SEO have never changed:

  • Technical (how your website works and is crawlable, free from error – Google Search Console can help you with that)
  • Content, also making your content more relevant: what keywords customers are using and how to use those and deliver the answers that searchers are looking for.
  • Links: (mainly) backlinks from other sites which are really a hint to search engines that your site is reputable.

Other topics that come up include keyword research, RankBrain, Google Search Console, and as always his top tip is to write compelling content.

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Joe Williams
Joe Williams

Joe Williams teaches search engine optimization at Tribe SEO. He holds a degree in Computing Informatics, and he’s been an SEO specialist for over 15 years. He’s consulted and trained many large blue-chip companies including The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, and Sky. He's on a mission to make SEO easy, fun, and profitable. You can catch him on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn.

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