Jan 16, 2019

Exclusive Lecture Video: Buyer Personas

by Digital Marketing Institute

Today we are bringing you an exclusive lecture video from the Digital Marketing Institute's Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) course

This lecture video covers buyer personas, which play a vital role in digital marketing strategy and content marketing in particular. Our lecturer Seán Earley explains all the key aspects of this, aided by useful slides full of information and guidance.

He examines the following important areas:

  • Buyer personas defined and explained
  • Their purpose in the context of content marketing
  • Considerations when developing personas, including objectives, platforms and interests
  • Behaviors, needs and preferences of buyer personas


Simply play the video below to view the lecture content:

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In conjunction with this lecture video, we recommend using our toolkit: Building Marketing Personas - Your Essential Template. This template gives you an ideal practical framework to form personas for a target audience, either to assist with real campaigns or simply as a learning tool. You can build, update and adjust the personas by inserting the relevant details on the template.

We hope you found this to be a valuable learning item. For further details of the entire CDMP course, just click here.

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