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Sep 2, 2020

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Essential Skills 5: Time Management

by Kevin Reid

Posted on Sep 2, 2020

We all have the same amount of time every day, but we all use it differently. Being realistic about what you can do in time given is the first step in managing your own time, at work and in life.

In this series of videos, DMI skills expert Kevin Reid talks you through how to prioritize tasks and set goals, how to save and create time, how to start saying "no", and how to eliminate personal time stealers such as excessively viewing email or attending too many meetings.

1. What is Time Management

2. Benefits of Effective Time Management

3. Prioritizing Tasks and Setting Goals

4. Saving and Creating Time

5. Eliminating Personal Time Stealers

About The Essential Skills Series

This series includes a number of videos that explore those personal skills that we tend to overlook but which are becoming ever more important in your marketing life. These include communication, creativity, persuasion, project management, collaboration, strategic thinking, and crisis management. An important study was done in 2019 by the Digital Marketing Institute in collaboration with The Economist Group, and the full white paper is available to read on the library. The survey of 500 global marketing executives revealed that the ongoing skills gap in digital marketing includes these key essential skills.  

These videos come from our DMI Expert course

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Kevin Reid
Kevin Reid

Kevin is a Senior Training Consultant and the Owner of Personal Skills Training  and the Owner and Lead Coach of Kevin J Reid Communications Coaching and the Communications Director of The Counsel.

With over twenty years of experience in Irish and International business with an emphasis on business communications training and coaching, he is a much in demand trainer and clients include CEO’s, general managers, sales teams, individuals and entire organisations.

With deep expertise in interpersonal communication through training and coaching and in a nurturing yet challenging environment, Kevin supports teams and individuals through facilitation and theory instruction to empower themselves to achieve their communication objectives. This empowerment results in creativity, confidence building and the generation of a learning culture of continuous self-improvement.

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