Mar 11, 2020

Online Learning Insights with Stephen Walsh

by Digital Marketing Institute

Digital entrepreneur Stephen Walsh talks to the Digital Marketing Institute about online learning, providing some valuable insights on this evolving area. 

He looks at the transition from the traditional lecture environment to modern-day digital learning, and the advantages and opportunities this has brought, as well as some of the challenges. 

In particular, he explains how the online learning format and style has many benefits for students, with its flexibility catering to today's learning habits and lifestyle. This interview also provides key guidance and tips for anyone taking on a new online course, and looks at the benefits of continuous professional development in keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date, particularly in the digital marketing sector.

Stephen has co-founded three successful digital businesses, and has many years of experience in the online learning space. He is currently CEO of Anders Pink, a digital tool which helps marketers to find, filter and share new content.

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