Sep 24, 2021

Social Media Style Guide and Template

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by Lyndsey Hall

Posted on Sep 24, 2021

It’s essential that a brand’s presence on social media is managed with quality and consistency. That’s where a style guide comes in. A social media style guide will act as a reference for your Social Media Manager, but it’s even more essential if your organization has no designated person managing your channels. Having a style guide is a great step towards ensuring consistency and best practice, and on-boarding new staff or volunteers.

From your use of hashtags to video production, tracking 3rd-party logins to your tone of voice on different platforms, we cover it all in this guide and template!

The Guide will help you map out and manage your: 

  1. Social Platforms Management, and Strategies
  2. Audiences
  3. Tone of Voice and Language
  4. Image and Video Guidelines
  5. Use of Hashtags
  6. Social Stakeholders and 3rd-party content
  7. Accessibility issues
  8. Social Media Tools

1. Social Media Style Guide

Download this comprehensive guide to managing your social media style. Then download and start using the Template below.

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2. Social Media Style Guide Template

Use this ready-to-use template along with the Guide above and get started with organizing your own social media style rules. Available to download as Word doc or PDF.

This content is available to Power Members only.

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