Jun 20, 2022

Digital Media Tracker and Planner

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by Charles Mackenzie

Posted on Jun 20, 2022

Our latest Member Spotlight piece is a pair of very useful Excel templates created and submitted by DMI member Charles Mackenzie. 

Planning and managing digital media campaigns at scale can be a complex task that involves multiple teams, tasks, and publishers. Mistakes can lead to missed deadlines or poor campaign performance.

This Digital Media Planner acts as a central document that can be easily shared to provide all teams from the client side, and creative and media agencies, with a birds-eye campaign view.

The Digital Media Tracker provides a central budgeting tool that tracks campaign performance and provides a powerful campaign benchmark resource for future planning.

Digital Media Planner
Digital Media Tracker

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Charles Mackenzie photo
Charles Mackenzie

This Member Spotlight piece was created by DMI Member Charles Mackenzie. He is an accomplished digital marketing professional with a Master's in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute and a proven track record in developing cross functional digital strategies that connect businesses to consumers and deliver revenue through the use of specialist services, technology, insight and data. He currently leads the Growth Marketing team at NavVis, a leading German tech start-up.