Sep 21, 2020

Blacklisting Vulnerability Assessment Toolkit

Written by Laurence Debruyne

This useful tool to help you check your email marketing blacklisting risk has been submitted by DMI member Laurence Debruyne. It's all yours to play for, so if you want to get in the digital marketing game and make an impact Share your Own Work for publication in our Community Insights!

Blacklisting (also known as blocklisting) is when emails from your email marketing campaigns are marked as possible spam.

Download the Excel file below and use this tool to get an overview of the current blacklisting vulnerability level, and gain insight into:

  • How much your firm is at risk of being blacklisted
  • The factors that could put you at risk
  • The actions you can take to avoid being blacklisted in the future
Blacklisting Vulnerability Assessment

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Laurence Debruyne
Laurence Debruyne

In a marketing career spanning more than 25 years, Laurence has combined roles both at agencies and in-house with a specialization in the SaaS industry for two decades. In 2000 she was appointed Global Marketing Director at Global Beach Group, a cutting edge digital agency headquartered in London, and went on to help launch the company’s east coast operation in the United States.

From there Laurence held a number of senior level marketing positions at organisations across continents, including Executive Director of Marketing at Kaplan, before returning to London to become Global Vice President of Marketing for a Martech company.

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