Aug 03, 2023

The State of Digital Skills & Corporate Training in 2023

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by Clodagh O'Brien

Posted on Aug 03, 2023

Corporate Digital Skills Gap & Training Report 2023

The global workforce has seen enormous change over the past few years. The skills people need are changing as companies look to harness new technologies (just look at the explosion in AI) and have a presence online to attract and engage customers. 

That’s why in 2023, marketing, sales, L&D and HR leaders are doubling down on their efforts to upskill and reskill staff. This will not only help to retain talent in a world crying out for skilled professionals but will also help to upskill new hires quickly and effectively to succeed in their roles. 

According to our new report ‘Corporate Digital Skills Gap & Training: 6 Ways to Provide Digital Marketing and Sales Training that Empowers Teams in 2023, the top three skills that marketing and sales teams are missing are AI strategy development (49 percent), digital/social sales (45 percent), and data analytics at 45 percent. 

In addition, over half of decision-makers believe that upskilling or reskilling employees is the best way to address the skills gap while budget, time, and workload-related factors are the main barriers to addressing the gap. 

In this report, we explore:

  • The digital skills gap within the corporate space
  • How companies provide training and what’s effective
  • The challenges to effective training provision
  • The value of training and certification

In conclusion, we recommend six effective ways for companies to empower their sales and marketing teams this year and beyond. 

Download the report today to find out how to upskill your workforce to succeed in today’s competitive digital world. 

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