Apr 18, 2019

Membership Update Spring 2019

by Digital Marketing Institute

As your Membership Manager, I am so grateful to you, our members. Your strong engagement with, and appetite for our webinars, our library of content, and continuous professional development program has been nothing short of FANTASTIC!

We have had a great start to the year, delivering you a membership offering which provides a best in class service - keeping you connected, relevant and making sure you stay ahead on all things digital marketing.

We now have over 39,000 digital marketing professionals from around the world using our membership service - reading our content, attending our live webinars, and using our toolkits.

Content... and more content!

We are committed to delivering fresh content daily. Content that is informative, practical and future-focused, ensuring that you can leave your search bar in the rear view mirror. You can source the information you need, whenever you need it, in one central location - your dedicated member library.

We’ve taken care to create content that provides you with the facts, statistics and practical guidance that you need to stay relevant and keep you ahead of the competition, whilst also making sure it’s fun and engaging too. After all, learning doesn’t need to be dull!

Here are some highlights we’re especially proud of:

  • Lego Case Study: The Building Blocks of a Modern-Day Superbrand - Listen to our audio version, or read the full case study on Lego, whose inspiring story of perseverance and commitment to design and quality create a uniquely customer-centric superbrand.
  • One of many insightful face-to-face interviews we’ve done, with established professionals discussing their industry and their own career paths. in this one Brian Lavery gives a fascinating insight into how Accuweather uses social media to engage users.
  • Download our toolkit on “Seek – Sense – Share to Increase your Selling” – one of a series of tools intended primarily for social sellers, but of use to all digital marketers dealing with content.

You might also take a dive into our archive of almost 400 original articles, presentations, toolkits, videos, and case studies covering all aspects of digital marketing.

And soon we plan to launch a feature to allow you to submit your own work to be considered for inclusion in the library. Watch this space...

Our content editor, Emma Prunty, has done an excellent job at delivering high quality content from writers from all areas of expertise and in exciting new formats.

We love hearing from you, so please reach out if you have any comments or content suggestions which might add real value for all our members: membership@digitalmarketinginstitute.com.

With our webinars, you’ll never stop learning

Our live webinars continue to hit the right note with our members, and we’re really excited that you enjoy them as much as we do. We produce one webinar every month on topical sessions from our solid panel of subject matter experts.

The results from our 3 one-hour webinars this quarter show that over 3,200 people registered and over 1,000 attended from over 30 countries. We always put the recorded webinar on the library right after and these are typically viewed almost 1,000 times.

Here are quick links to the 3 webinars we’ve done so far this year and you’ll also find there the accompanying slide presentations:

●     Marketing for Sustained Growth, with Mark Evans, Marketing Director, Direct Line Group. Mark is also a member of our Global Industry Advisory Council and a multi-award winning Marketing Leader of the Year.

●     How to Drive Sales with Affiliate Marketing, with Cathal Melinn, Founder of Digital Basics.

●     The Fundamentals of Successful Project Management, with Orla Nugent, Deputy CEO of the Higher Education Authority of Ireland.

Webinars: What’s Coming Up

Make sure to register for the 4 great webinars we have coming up this quarter. When you register you’ll also get a copy of the recording emailed to you within an hour of the live session.

●     25th April 2019: The Role of Voice Search: Today and Tomorrow with Clark Boyd, Founder of Candid Digital,

●     8th May 2019: The Rise of Conversational Marketing and the Expert Tips You Need to Get Started Now with Mark Kilens, VP of Content and Community and Colleen Koslosky, Content Marketing at Drift,

●     21st May 2019: GDPR So Far: Enforcement Actions and Consumer Trends with Julian Hayes, Founder of Veneto Privacy Services,

●     5th June 2019: Peak Seasonal Sales Planning to Maximise Revenue, with Cathal Melinn, Founder of Digital Basics.

Keep your career moving with CPD

One fundamental benefit for our certified members is our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program. This comes with a CPD designation – a fantastic string to your professional bow which shows your peers and employer that you are a certified industry expert that is keeping your knowledge up-to-date and in line with industry standards.

I’d like to show you how easy it is to demonstrate your professional designation on your professional platforms, like LinkedIn or your email signature.

Using your CPD Designation

You should use your DMI CPD designation letters after your educational qualifications, and before your membership letters. For example, a member called “Adam Clark” holds a PhD in Business but has also completed the DMI Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, and is now maintaining his CPD and Membership with the Digital Marketing Institute.

His professional designation looks like this:

  • Adam Clark PhD CDMP DMICPDMember

Our CPD program is easy to use and fits in with your lifestyle.

So why not get this learning recognised by registering your CPD credits with us?

We also offer a wide range of in-platform CPD accredited materials which you can access to claim CPD credits. Here are just some of what’s available for you:

●     DMI Short Course: GDPR (3 CPD Credits),

●      Ebook: A Guide to Social Selling and Content Curation (3 CPD Credits),

●      DMI Short Course: UX (2 CPD Credits),

●      2020 Vision White Paper: Skills Gap and Rise of Emerging Technologies are Key Issues (1.5 CPD Credits).

We’re excited to announce that we have further DMI short courses launching during 2019, including DMI short courses in Analytics, Content Marketing, and Customer Service (CX).

We’ve also had a great response to our launch earlier this month of our CPD Partnership with Hubspot, Facebook and Google Analytics. We have accredited a number of their programs for CPD credits. You can access these programs from your membership platform here.

But we’re not stopping there….

We have lots more great features coming to the membership platform very soon.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve expanded our range of formats (audio files and transcripts) but we’re excited to be working on plans for a Podcast.

We will also be inviting you this Spring to share your voice by sending us your own original articles, eBooks, and toolkits to be considered for inclusion in our library. This way you’ll have a chance to inform and inspire your industry peers.

Our Community Forum will also launch this quarter. This will be a valuable space for you all to discuss what's happening all across the industry and swap your insights and opinions with an expanding community of experts around the world.

We’ll say it again – we’d love to hear from you


Bye for now, and stay in touch!

“Stay Connected, Stay Relevant, Stay Ahead!” Caroline, Your Membership Manager

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