Sep 24, 2011

Lynx Launches Youtube Channel Loaded With Sexual Innuendo

by Digital Marketing Institute

We’ve seen a glut of companies using suggestive advertising using scantily dressed women in recent months but Lynx (Or Axe as they are branded in Canada where this campaign was run) have stepped things up with a new campaign that is loaded with sexual innuendo. They are calling it “Boring serious stuff” and it basically features some models lounging around in their underwear talking about things like the set up of parliament, the Oxford comma and the beaver wars of the 17th century. While the use of models is predictable we do have to take our hat off to the people who

wrote the copy in these ads and the voice over because it is wonderfully written and loaded with innuendo. This sort of advertising is certainly not going to win any female fans but in terms of creating content that will be shared within their target market of young males this advertising will hit the spot.

The Beaver Wars

I wonder why they picked this totally obscure war that was fought in the 17th century as their first topic to the viewers? You don’t have to read too hard between the lines to see what they are getting at.

The Oxford Comma Explained

Most people are not too worried about punctuation and the finer details of what and Oxford comma is but Lynx could be bringing a whole new generation back to their school years with this video.

Parliamentary Systemics

Parliamentary speak is full of words that many of us are not familiar with and this short video explains the different roles and how people get elected.

First spotted over on Adweek

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