Nov 13, 2018

How Good is a Career in Digital Marketing?

by Digital Marketing Institute

In a world that is digitally transforming, brands, businesses and organizations are turning to the rapidly evolving field of digital marketing to promote their products or services, tell their story and spark meaningful, potentially lifelong connections with potential prospects. And that means that digital marketing jobs are in hot demand.

But, how good is a career in digital marketing and is it worth pursuing a digital marketing course?

Of course, what makes a job good or bad is largely subjective. But, if you’d like a career path that will keep you on your toes, regularly challenges you and allows your creativity to run wild, moving into the world of digital marketing might be a wise move.

A recent study suggests that content writers early in their career are likely to start at a salary of around $45,000, while budding SEO specialists could start at approximately $50,000 per annum. There's little doubt that digital marketing has earning potential, but what else makes it a rewarding career path?

A Wealth of Choice

A Wealth of Choice

With droves of digital jobs being created constantly by the likes of Google, Microsoft and Ryanair, there has never been more career choice concerning a career in digital marketing.

With a raft of new roles being developed with the passing of every month, you can choose which branch of digital marketing you'd like to specialize in and apply for jobs at an eclectic selection of brands and businesses crying out for your talents.

By taking advantage of this incredible choice and pondering which kind of business best suits your career needs, you will enjoy a rewarding career from a personal, professional and financial standpoint.

A Rapid Pace

By its very nature, digital changes, morphs, shifts and evolves and develops at a rapid rate. That said, if you choose a career in digital marketing, you will not be bored, nor will you stagnate, carrying out the same old tired tasks, day in, day out.

On the contrary: you’ll be forced to keep up to date with the latest industry trends, acquire new skills, find new approaches to your existing responsibilities and work with an ever-changing mix of people on strategies, campaigns and promotional initiatives.

A Great Deal of Diversity

Expanding on our previous point, with an ever-expanding choice of digital marketing disciplines to explore, and disruptive new technologies such as voice technology and augmented reality (AR) emerging constantly, providing you're prepared to learn new skills, you will be able to pivot from one area of the field to another seamlessly.

Not only will doing so ensure you enjoy a career that constantly challenges and entertains you, but you will also stand an excellent chance of working with a diverse mix of people on an eclectic mix of project and initiatives. Variety is indeed the spice of life and digital marketing boasts bundles of it.

A Healthy Dose of Autonomy

A Healthy Dose of Autonomy

As there is no set route into a career in digital marketing, you can gain experience, acquire new skills, boost your employability and kick-start your journey in a way that suits you, allowing your creativity and passion to be your guide. And for inspiration, here are the ways you can do so:

  • Build a powerful social media presence, gaining a wealth of Twitter or Instagram followers, or by starting a blog and showcasing your unique tone if voice and niche industry knowledge.
  • Enrol in an industry-recognized digital marketing course.
  • Gain certification with online examinations.
  • Get creative and put your skills into practice with a mini marketing campaign to attract potential employers. For instance, budding journalist, Tracy Clayton, landed a position at BuzzFeed by regularly producing, publishing and sharing, frank, amusing and entertaining content tailored to BuzzFeed's tone of voice, creating branded hashtags that she knew the publication would see and explore.

Essentially, digital marketing will make a dream career for someone that is passionate, self-motivated, willing to learn, is brimming with creativity, likes diversity, enjoys a real challenge and is looking for a job with earning potential.

If this describes you, in answer to our original question: yes, a career in digital marketing is good, very good.

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