Sep 20, 2018

What Are the Top Digital Marketing Careers?

by Digital Marketing Institute

Whether you're a mid-level marketer, a recent marketing graduate, or looking to get into the digital marketing field, there are seemingly endless career possibilities, meaning that making a decision as to what area of digital marketing you'd like to specialise in can be tough. When choosing any job or position, it’s important to consider all possibilities – the pros, the cons, and the availability of the position.

However, digital marketing specialists are in luck, as there is currently a high demand for skilled digital marketers. Digital marketing is hugely lucrative, with the need for qualified professionals raising wages and the results of best-in-class digital marketing strategies generating massive profits for large-scale organisations and small businesses alike.

Traits of a Successful Digital Marketer

Although many people associate marketing professionals with an ultra-creative mindset, there are a variety of characteristics that make digital marketers successful. Some of the most critical traits that a successful digital marketer embodies are:

  • Flexibility: The digital realm is in a constant state of evolution, meaning that the best digital marketers can adapt to changing environments, algorithms, and software.
  • A love of helping others: Marketing is all about helping other businesses increase their reach and their profits, so it’s vital that digital marketers have a passion for helping others succeed.
  • Reliability: When tasked with hitting goals on social media or creating a successful content marketing strategy, you must be able to follow through. If you love working towards goals and getting your work done on time, then a career in digital marketing is probably right up your alley.
  • Analytical and calculated thinking: Are you able to come to conclusions through a strategic thought process? Digital marketing is all about establishing a strategy that will yield calculated results, so being able to work with data and create a well-rounded process will help you deliver the results you, your team, and your clients want to see.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit: Being able to take charge of your own future is one of the most important skills of a digital marketer. As much of the career consists of adapting to a changing digital landscape, digital marketers are often teaching themselves new skills and revamping digital marketing strategies when problems arise.

The Current State of Digital Marketing Careers

As mentioned above, digital marketing is in high demand for brands and businesses alike. So, digital marketers who choose to specialise in an area of interest are more likely to embark on a career path that is meaningful to them.

The Robert Half 2018 Salary Guide found that digital brand strategist, integrated graphic designers, content creators for social media, and marketing analysts for both pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO) are the most in-demand skills for digital marketing specialists. What does this mean for digital marketers? You've got options. This ability to specialise in a wide range of digital marketing roles means that it's critical to take your time in choosing a position that you'll thrive in, ensuring that you check salaries, the skills required for the job, and your expected responsibilities in the position.

The following positions are some of the top digital marketing careers for digital marketing professionals looking to specialise in 2018 and beyond:

Digital Project Manager

If you're a mid-level marketer looking to specialise in an area of digital marketing, consider the role of a digital project manager. These individuals are often tasked with overseeing business to client relationships, managing various creative projects, and making sure that the appropriate software and tools are in place for the creative team to get their job done. Marketing teams have seen an increased need for someone to take charge of digital projects as compared to traditional marketing materials like print collateral and advertisements. Digital project planners wear many hats on the marketing team, often overseeing all digital processes and projects.

The average salary of a digital project manager in the U.K. is £33,294.

Every job requires specific traits, and there are many for great digital project managers. Digital project managers are adaptable people who are used to applying various skills throughout the day. These professionals should have impeccable communication skills and an eye for design. As the role requires you to oversee multiple projects at one time, you should invest in project management software to help you get the job done with ease. Trello is a great collaborative tool to help digital project managers keep projects moving along smoothly.

User Experience Designers

User experience designers (UX designers) oversee the creation of amazing user experiences of online products and digital services. As the engagement of users online is correlated to how long they stay on a website or app, user experience designers must create an experience that keeps users coming back. From the design of web pages to how customers interact with support, UX designers are a critical part of any digital marketing strategy.

The average salary earned by a user experience designer in the U.K. is £31,259.

The traits of great user experience designers: Best-in-class UX designers are detail-orientated individuals who take pride in creating applications, websites, and other digital-based items that allow users to easily engage and understand the steps needed to take a specific action. These professionals should have experience creating visuals and have excellent written communication skills. A background in website development and design would also be a substantial benefit, increasing your opportunities and earning potential.

SEO Specialists

An SEO specialist is a digital marketing professional who has expertise in search engine optimisation. SEO specialists work to create and implement strategies that move web pages up on the search engine result page (SERP) and eventually increase the number of leads to a website. SEO is a complex and constantly changing area of digital marketing, so an SEO specialist must be able to think technically and strategically throughout their workday.

According to PayScale, the average yearly earning of an SEO strategist in the U.K. is £36,447.

The characteristics of an exceptional SEO specialist are influenced by the many factors that feed into a successful SEO strategy. Top SEO strategists are able to continually evolve their strategy through calculated steps. From backlinking to writing streamlined content, high-quality written communication skills are vital for SEO strategists. These digital marketing professionals should be naturally curious and be data-driven.

Content Strategist

When it comes to digital marketing careers, content strategists are able to weave together traditional and digital marketing teams. Content is the most valuable asset of any marketing strategy, and content strategists create the processes for how content will reach customers and when.

In the U.K., a content strategist can expect to make £35,952 a year on average.

There are some traits you'll need as a great content strategist. These people are able to think with their audience in mind, as all content is developed for them to consume and act on eventually. This end-game method of thinking allows them to work backwards through a content strategy, carefully calculating how a piece of content will prompt a customer to take action. Of course, content strategists must be able to write impeccable and persuasive copy to guide clients and readers through the desired funnel.

Chief Marketing Officers

Being a marketing manager or officer in the modern marketplace requires a supreme skill set in both traditional and digital marketing strategies. Often, chief marketing officers come into their positions later in their careers, as they're responsible for overseeing all marketing operations for a company or brand. From reviewing copy to approving campaign proposals, chief marketing officers often work alongside CEOs and are an integral piece of business operations.

In the U.K., the salary of an experienced chief marketing officer is £102,971 on average.

The demand for chief marketing officers with experience in digital marketing is high, but they need specific qualities. These marketers are able to understand the ins and outs of a digital marketing strategy, with a passion for results. A chief marketing officer has incredible analytical capabilities and is a leader driven by a desire for team collaboration.

The Opportunities That Top Digital Marketing Careers Offer

As digital marketing is a growing field, digital marketers at all stages of their career have the opportunity to find a job that they love. If you're a digital marketing professional who is passionate about finding creative solutions to technical problems, connecting with your audience, and building a successful marketing strategy, it's vital that you continue to invest in your skill set so you can reach your career goals.

With over half of the world’s population using the internet regularly, the gap between the need for digital marketers and the number of skilled professionals will continue to grow. The top digital marketing careers don't necessarily demand specialisation, but they do require the right traits and a passion for learning - both will help a business to grow.

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