Mar 19, 2014

Will Digital Make Or Break ASOS?

by Digital Marketing Institute

ASOS, the UK’s largest online fashion retailer are experiencing slowing sales growth as shares plunge. Yesterday analysts reported that shares dropped over 8% and revenue growth has slowed down. However, analysts have backed ASOS’ investment in technology to improve customer experience and use of data analytics to pay long-term dividends.

How are ASOS using digital channels to promote the brand?

ASOS has adopted a cross-channel approach by using a number of paid and organic channels to promote the brand and product range. We have taken a look at some of the digital channels the company is using and perhaps you will find some useful tips for your own brand.


ASOS has multiple Twitter profiles which offer trend updates, customer support and offers for multiple countries.

ASOS on Twitter | Will Digital Marketing Make Or Break ASOS?

Tweeting multiple times throughout the day, ASOS use a combination of outfit ideas with images included as well as discounts and offers exclusively to Twitter followers. It is important to offer your followers unique content which they don’t receive on other channels. If you take this approach, make sure you create different content for Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Google+ ASOS alter their strategy on Google+ rather than using the same content as their Twitter feed, they embed gifs. The company has created multiple compelling and unique gifs which are a daily feature on their Google+ page. The brand doesn’t just stick to sharing images of their products, but shows a more ‘human’ side to the brand with humourous content from popular films and TV shows such as the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ and the lovable characters from ‘Despicable me’.

ASOS on Google+| Will Digital Marketing Make Or Break ASOS?


Although a similar strategy to Twitter and Google+, ASOS vary the content they use on Facebook. It is a good idea to alter your content across all channels as some of your fans and followers will be connected with your brand on different platforms. ASOS seem to have a penchant for sharing animal images which appears to work.


In the run up to Christmas 2013, ASOS generated 1,728 shares per week on Pinterest. In total, 160,958 links to content on had been pinned by users. ASOS has over 60,000 Pinterest followers, seven times the amount of followers on Pinterest as the next nearest retailer, Next, with just over 9,000 followers. ASOS most successful item on Pinterest, a ‘road trip fashion’ look, was pinned 51,588 times.


Late last year, ASOS sent different discount codes to their followers. The codes were unique so the company could track the results from the code. Snapchat is predominantly used by teenagers and this is a very unique way for the company to reach the younger audience.

ASOS on Snapchat | Will Digital Marketing Make Or Break ASOS?


ASOS are appearing in the top position of the organic search listings for ‘maxi dresses’ however there is still room for improvement from an SEO perspective. For example, they could use sitelinks which will allow the brand to bring customers directly to the maxi dresses page, even a particular colour of maxi dress. You can learn how to set it up here

Maxi Dresses at ASOS - Google Search | Will Digital Marketing Make Or Break ASOS?


ASOS are appearing in one of the top ad positions for ‘maxi dresses’ and are utilising the seller ratings feature. Seller ratings improve the overall quality of your ads as it tells your target audience other people have purchased before and are satisfied. You can find out how seller ratings work here

Maxi Dresses at Asos | Will Digital Marketing Make Or Break ASOS?

Online Loyalty Scheme

ASOS are trialing an online loyalty scheme with 325,000 customers. The programme offers users five points for every £1 they spend, with each point worth 1p. That means if a customer spend £60, they’ll earn 300 points worth £3. The scheme has been implemented to boost engagement and brand loyalty.

The company has announced they will decrease digital marketing spend while they identify more cost-effective channels to lift sales. We feel a strong digital strategy is even more important to the online-only retailer, and they should analyse each channel individually to determine the platform that drives the most sales. ASOS’ digital marketing strategy is essential particularly in adjusting price, targeting and merchandise by geographical locations and understanding the drivers and influencers in each of its markets.

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