Mar 31, 2015

4 Remarketing Tips That Will Help You Stay on Your Customers’ Minds

by Digital Marketing Institute

Out of sight, out of mind. Sure, you’ve heard the saying but have you ever considered just how important it is to get seen and re-seen in a digital world that’s flooded with messages, memes and madness?

That’s why remarketing is so powerful – it allows you to reach users who have already interacted with your brand and remind them of your mighty presence.

Never lose sight of the importance of delivering contextually relevant messages to the right people at the right time. It never lets users forget your brand, your message…what you stand for.

And you’ll be first in mind when that user finally does decide to make a purchase. Below we list the 4 most important remarketing tips that help your brand stay in-sight, on mind and bang-on-message.Why Does Remarketing Matter? (Stats):

  • One in five marketers now has a dedicated budget for remarketing (DIGIDAY).
  • Thirty percent of consumers have a positive or very positive reaction to retargeted ads, vs. 11 percent who feel negatively about them (comScore).
  • The average click-through rate for display ads is 0.07 percent, and the average click-through for retargeted ads is about 0.7 percent (DIGIDAY).
  • CPY company, Kimberly-Clark received 50 to 60% higher conversion rates among customers who have been retargeted (DIGIDAY).

1. Segment Your Audience Already

4 Remarketing Tips - Personalized Emails

Let’s get this straight from the outset – all of your website visitors are not the same. So stop showing every visitor the same ads. With remarketing it is absolutely essential to segment your audience in order to identify and understand the different intent and behaviour of the users on your site. Create your segments based on your digital marketing objectives, business goals and which part of the buyer funnel your visitors fall into.

Top Segmentation Tips to Master:

  • Segment sections of your website with the highest traffic (at least 5,000 cookied visitors) to ensure you maximise your return on investment.
  • To ensure a new segmentation list doesn’t overlap exclude people who are already being targeted on other lists.
  • Recency is an extremely important factor when segmenting lists – for example, users who have visited your site and have viewed your product a few hours ago are significantly more likely to convert than those who visited 2 weeks prior.
  • Match ‘like’ with ‘like’ – for example, if a customer has visited your blog you can then retarget them with gated content-heavy pieces like whitepapers and webinars.

2. Create Compelling & Clickable Messages

4 Remarketing Tips: Create Compelling & Clickable Messages

Whether you’re remarketing on Facebook, Twitter or the Google Display Network you’ll only have a small amount of space on your banner ad to make a big impact. The best remarketing campaigns, therefore, adopt a minimalist design with one strong visual and one sharp message. Your call to action has to work hard to stand out in such a small space so it’s essential that you choose the right verb from the outset – it must be compelling, clear and concise.

You will need to pay equal attention to your visual – focus on creating a beautiful and powerful design that stands out and captures your user’s immediate attention. Simplicity and size are key so think bold colours, large clickable buttons and a strong and clear image that catches the unsuspecting eye. Don’t forget to make your creative completely contextual and relevant to your customer’s experience – that means that your retargeted messages should make sense from your user’s first visit.

3. Maximise the Upsell Opportunity

4 Remarketing Tips: Retargeting

So your remarketing efforts have paid off and you have landed a conversion? That’s great – congratulations but your “good luck” doesn’t have to stop there. Why not take this opportunity to try and cross sell to your new customer too? Think about it – if you are remarketing to a user it means they have previously interacted with your brand and they have now invested further by responding positively to your message – be that through making a purchase or by downloading a form.

Upselling through remarketing has found to increase conversion rates by 3-5%. But what does an upsell opportunity look like? Say, for example, your customer has bought a car, you could then add them to a unique segment list and retarget them with messages about relevant car accessories across different networks (for example, Facebook and the Google Display Network).

4.Concoct a Powerful Testing Plan

4 Remarketing Tips: Powerful Testing Plan

Part of the reason why remarketing is so powerful is that it allows you to test the impact of your campaigns and to change elements of them according to the results you receive. You should A/B test your campaigns for each audience type. However, before you begin testing, it is essential to identify clear and measurable metrics – do you want to improve your conversion rate by 15%, for example?

Testing not only allows you to check what works and what doesn’t but it also acts as an insightful research tool to help you enhance the understanding of your audience’s behaviour and preferences. You can use this information to inform every element of your digital marketing campaign – not just your remarketing strategy.

Top Tips for Testing Your Campaigns:

  • First identify a set of measurable metrics based on your digital marketing goals.
  • Then decide how you are going to measure them – can you track your conversions in Google Analytics, for example?
  • Isolate and test only one element for a set period of time – for example, make a slight tweak to your CTA for one week and measure its impact against the original copy.
  • Testing can help you choose the best digital marketing channels to retarget on – keep a note of the CPC and reach of each campaign so you can see which ones deliver the best results for your money.
  • Remember that it’s not just your creative that can be tested – try trialing a completely new offer instead.

Remarketing results in 400% more conversions. It’s an essential tool in every digital marketers toolkit. Learn how we’re remarketing to you and how you can use this powerful tactic to drive visibility for your own brand.


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