Dec 9, 2020

Webinar: Social Selling Fundamentals for B2B

Now more than ever it is crucial for B2B organizations to integrate effective social selling into their marketing and sales activity. 

In this webinar, social media consultant and author Julie Atherton explains and explores the fundamentals of social selling. She covers:

  • What is 'the social selling funnel'?
  • How social can help you build an effective sales network
  • The importance of content marketing in social selling
  • The principles of lead nurturing in social
  • How to harness influencers in your network

You can also view and download Julie's presentation.

One of our most popular webinars of 2020, we had some wonderful feedback from our attendees across the world and cross-industry.

  • Linda - This was one of the best webinars of the year. While I have enjoyed the majority of the webinars, this one stood out as a topic that is not often covered. The information was very useful. Overall, I find the DMI webinars to be some of the best that I attend, and I'm always excited to sign up for the next one. Thanks for all of the effort to make this webinar and the ones throughout the year so useful
  • Lucy - The DMI team was brilliant as always. I am really looking forward to watching next year's webinars when they are released
  • Sarah - THANK YOU LOADS for hosting, I found it very valuable and am really glad I signed up. It delivered more than I expected in all honesty, I was blown away with the detail Julie put in her slides and how she explained so clearly, and with such ease.
  • Heather - I really appreciated all the info. Julie Atherton is so knowledgeable and yet very approachable. I appreciated this webinar.
  • Ana Sofia - It's just awesome. The whole team is always trying to do its best for all participants. Thank you for your effort.

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Julie Atherton
Julie Atherton

Julie is an award-winning digital strategist, with over 30 years’ experience. Having worked both agency and client-side, she has a wealth of knowledge on delivering marketing, brand and business strategy across almost every sector. In 2016, Julie set up Small Wonder. Drawing on her past experience, she now supports a wide range of businesses, from global brands, to educational organisations and social enterprises.She is the author of the book, Social Media Strategy which was a top read chosen by Thinkers360. You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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