Nov 06, 2019

SEO Content and Social Media (with Joe Williams)

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byJoe Williams

Posted on Nov 06, 2019

SEO Content and Social Media (with Joe Williams)

Today we present the first of three interviews with one of our regular experts and teachers. Joe Williams is a long-term SEO and in this chat with Cathal Melinn, he shows just how clear an educator he is on search marketing - a topic he says people make out to be more complicated than they need to.

He talks about the differences between ranking signals and ranking factors, considering if the links in your social posts actually help your ranking factors, and how it depends on the reliability of where they’re coming from (blog versus social media profiles).

He also gives some tips for how to make social media part of your SEO strategy and how to build your following: with the right type of followers (those more likely to link to you from their own sites).

And in terms of getting your content out there on social, well the humble blog still has many uses: consider it as informational, rather than transacation, and therefore more shareable and linkable.

He discusses content types – for example the benefits of a blog post versus those of a video. His plan for his own 2020 training strategy is to combine the two, similar to how the DMI course lessons run, where the transcript can read like a blog.

Listen to the audio version below:

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Joe Williams

Joe Williams teaches search engine optimization at Tribe SEO. He holds a degree in Computing Informatics, and he’s been an SEO specialist for over 15 years. He’s consulted and trained many large blue-chip companies including The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, and Sky. He's on a mission to make SEO easy, fun, and profitable. You can catch him on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn.