Jan 09, 2019

Exclusive SEO Lecture Video: Off-Page Optimization

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byJoe Williams

Posted on Jan 09, 2019

Today we are bringing you exclusive lecture content from the SEO module of the Digital Marketing Institute's Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) course

This lecture video covers off-page optimization, which is a key component of SEO. Our lecturer Joe Williams takes you through all the important aspects of this topic in a logical and structured format, aided by useful slides full of information.

In particular, he examines the following areas:

  • The meaning of off-page optimization 
  • The tools used in this process
  • Backlinks and their importance
  • The different types of backlinks
  • Google PageRank and how it works
  • The role of social media in the context of backlinks


Simply play the video below to view the lecture content:

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We hope you found this to be a valuable learning item. In conjunction with this video, you should check out this one covering on-page optimization, which is also from the CDMP course and provides more useful guidance on SEO.

For further details of the entire CDMP course, just click here.

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Joe Williams

Joe Williams teaches search engine optimization at Tribe SEO. He holds a degree in Computing Informatics, and he’s been an SEO specialist for over 15 years. He’s consulted and trained many large blue-chip companies including The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, and Sky. He's on a mission to make SEO easy, fun, and profitable. You can catch him on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn.