Apr 04, 2019

Seek - Sense - Share to Increase your Selling

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byPaul Lewis

Posted on Apr 04, 2019

The Seek > Sense > Share model is a great way to combine the approach of learning, reasoning, and understanding. Developed by Harold Jarche, the framework offers a guide for sales people to actively build knowledge and intelligence. According to Jarche, the framework represents the way we set out to find information that is relevant to our learning and development projects, make sense and use that information to share with others our understandings.

Not just useful for social sellers, the concept is beneficial to all working in digital marketing. 

Download the PDF below.

The Seek Sense Share Framework

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Paul Lewis

Paul is a 20+ year marketing veteran who began his career in Los Angeles with the global advertising agency BBDO. He then moved on to spend eight years at Experian, the world’s leading global information services company. Since 2013, he has been overseeing the management, creation and execution of social media marketing and sales enablement programs at global tech company Pitney Bowes.